The programme is based on an “incubator model”, providing unemployed matriculants and college graduates the opportunity to gain meaningful workplace experience through a structured mentoring programme, which includes entrepreneurial, leadership and soft skills.   


The Green Learnership is a 12-month New Venture Creation (NQF Level 4) programme that is aimed at encouraging participants to establish their own businesses.  Whilst the main objective remains to develop learners into entrepreneurs, there is also a very strong emphasis on Intrapreneurship – gearing the participants towards bringing about Innovation in the corporate environment, to address socio economic challenges in the country. This programme is run in partnership with The Innovation Hub’s Climate Innovation Centre (CIC), who also sponsors the initiative. 


During the first 4 months of the programme, the selected learners will attend technical, soft-skills and entrepreneurship training.  The remaining 8 months will then be utilised to expose the learners to relevant industry for on-the-job training (workplace exposure).  The learners will also get an opportunity to secure employment with the partnering organisations.


The programme is aimed at producing business and workforce-ready young leaders from previously disadvantaged (PDI) backgrounds.  The programme focuses on the low carbon economy sector and is set out to achieve the following:

  • Encourage more learners to study in the Mathematics and Science related fields.
  • Bridge the gap between high school and business and eliminate unemployment.
  • Provide an opportunity for private sector companies to conduct due diligence on prospective future employees.
  • Create “fast-track” employment opportunities for learners who do not afford higher education due to financial constraints.
  • Develop a pool of entrepreneurs for the low carbon economy sector.
  • Develop a collaborative environment between The Innovation Hub as a Science & Technology Park, relevant SETA, academia and industry.


On completion of the programme the participants either get employed by the companies that partner with The Innovation Hub through the Climate Innovation Centre for work exposure or start their own companies with the assistance of CIC.


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