Project Management

After studying this module, participants should be able to understand the nature of projects, project management as well as project lifecycles and phases. Participants will learn to understand human resource and communications management and the importance of quality management, project time planning and cost management. This course also takes a look at risk management, project procurement and contract management.

Project Management

Participants will understand project management – this includes the ability to perform project planning, manage the scope of a project, compile a project budget and apply project planning tools and techniques such as PERT, CPM and Gantt charts. They will have the knowledge to explore organisational structures in support of projects with specific reference to a managing-by-project approach, project support offices, steering committees and project sponsors/directors.

Advanced Project Management

Executive Education

This programme will empower emerging managers with a solid foundation of business skills and knowledge to fully develop their intellectual capability, and ultimately add significant value to the organisation and to qualify for a further promotion. 

Fundamental Management

The objective of the Middle Management Programme is to provide sound academic and professional training to equip middle managers with skills to create additional value for companies and South Africa. Participants will not only be trained in their field of specialisation but will also be subjected to a broad field of functional management. Functional coordination or integration is emphasised in this programme.

Middle Management

Programmes presented by Thinking Fusion

The programme equips leaders to lead, think and behave differently in order to make a profound difference in their teams and in their organisations. It is an applied leadership learning programme that suits the profile of middle managers, specialists and emerging leaders. 

Leadership in the connection economy

Participants are introduced to the concept of leadership and that leadership is learnt through obtaining feedback, through reflection by using a learning journal, and through application in real work environments. They also discover how women learn leadership differently and how the programme will accommodate it.

Creating leadership and personal capacity in women


Other Short Learning Programmes (SLP)