Forensic Accountancy


The North-West University is one of the first South African universities that offer undergraduate BCom, honours, master’s and PhD degrees in Forensic Accountancy. The Programme in Forensic Accounting (PFA) has been in existence since 2006 and consists of the single largest team of professionals dedicated to higher learning within the South African national forensic accountancy fraternity. We are also privileged to be associated with a number of leaders in the commercial forensic industry.

General Information

From 2013, the PFA has also presented five accredited short learning programmes that have enhanced our contribution towards a high standard of commercial forensic training.

With highly qualified and skilled lecturers, the programme is not only the leader in forensic accountancy training, but also has a strong footprint within the commercial forensic industry. Our degrees and courses are practical, relevant and tailor-made and have been widely accepted within the market.

Short Courses

Certificate in Commercial Forensic Accounting
Certificate in Commercial Forensic Law
Certificate in Commercial Forensic Investigation
Certificate in Commercial Forensic Information Technology
Certificate in Practice and Fraud Risk Management

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NWU Short courses and the ICFP Qualification Examination