Covering the Distance - Virtual Physical Activity

Saturday 18th July 2020

In support of “Grade 12 learners Class of 2020”

Challenge yourself – Be the change in someone’s life!

Join the NWU-Business School Mandela Day virtual physical activity challenge. Choose a 67 minute physical activity or combination of activities.

Mandela Day 2020!

Virtual Physical Activity Rules

Every participant, by way of entry to this even, commits to:

1. Compliance with all laws relevant to South Africa; inclusive of all rules, regulations and road rules determined by any government institution having power thereto, which must be obeyed at all times.

2. All rules and regulations relevant to the organisers and or hosting venues.

3. The organisers of the event take no responsibility for any act or omission thereof by any participant, not in compliance with any of the above-mentioned laws, rules and or regulations applicable.

4. The organisers have the right to disqualify any participant if such participant does not comply with any of the above mentioned Virtual Physical Activity Rules.

Risks and Liability

1. NWU Business School takes no responsibility for any injury or death while engaging in the Virtual Physical Activity.

2. I hereby confirm that I am physically fit, trained and experience to engage in virtual physical activity of my choice as per organisers requirements.

3. I accept all laws, rules and regulations as determined by the government, the organisers and I will obey traffic rules.

4. All persons under the age of 18 must be registered by their legal guardian to participate. All children who participate in the event should be supervised by their guardians as NWU BS takes no responsibility for any minors.

5. You enter and participate in the event at your own risk and no liability can be claimed against either NWU-BS or the organisers.

Donations from Mandela Day will be used to support "Matriculants Class of 2020" from the undeprivileged schools with PPE's.

Banking Details

Bank: ABSA
Account Name: North-West University
Account Type: Current Account
Account Number: 670 640 086
Reference: BS MDAY