Labour Relations

  Dr Elsabé Diedericks

  +27 16 910 3429
  Building 7, Office 117
  BA, Honours, HED, Honours, MA, PhD
  Senior Lecturer
  Labour relations, human resource management, positive employment relations, group dynamics, conflict management, language editing and translation
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  Dr Elsabé Keyser

  +27 16 90 3423
  Building 7, Office G27
  Senior Lecturer
  Group dynamics, labour relations management, skills development, collective bargaining and negotiations, performance management, labour economics, local economic development research and contract types such as contract of employment
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  Dr Leon Moolman

  +27 16 910 3421
  Building 7, Office G18
  B.Com, Hons B.Com, MCom, PhD.
  Senior Lecturer
  Labour Relations Management, Labour Law, Diversity Management, Employment Equity, Affirmative Action, Employment Relations.

  Mr Thapelo ChaaCha

  +27 16 910 3561
  Building 7, Office G24,
  Hons in Labour Relations Management
  Junior Lecturer
  Labour Relations Management and Human Resources Management.

Industrial Psychology

  Mrs Aysha Ebrahim

  +27 16 910 3449
  Building 7, Office G15 Industrial Psychology
  Junior Lecturer
  Teaching and Learning

  Ms Kgomotso Mokalake

  +27 16 910 3562
  Building 7, Office G23
  BA in Behavioural sciences, Honours BA in Industrial Psychological Counselling, MComm IOP
  People development, Coaching, Mentoring, Talent management, Recruitment, and Lecturing

  Mrs Abigail de Coning

  +27 16 910 3445
  Building 7, Office 108 A1
  BCom Honours Industrial Psychology
  Senior Administrative Assistant

  Ms Leoni van der Vaart

  +27 16 910 3445
  Building 7, Office G17
  BSc, BA Hons (Psychology), BCom Hons (HR Management), MCom (HR Management), MCom (Industrial Psychology)
  Research Methodology and Psychometrics Unemployment Self-Determination Theory
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  Prof. Marius Stander

  +27 16 910 4515
  Building 7, Office G32
  M.Com; PhD
  People development

  Dr Danie du Toit

  +27 16 910 3510
  Senior Lecturer

  Dr Elrie Botha

  +27 16 910 3411
  Building 7, Office G12
  PhD Industrial psychology
  School Director
  People development, psychometric assessment. Research: Hope, happiness, positive organisations, performance.
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  Ms Juraida Latif

  +27 16 910 3431

  Dr Ederick Stander

  +27 16 910
  Building 7, Office G26
  PhD MCom
  Senior Lecturer
  Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Talent Management, Psychology in Sport Contexts