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NWU - TRADE  Report back on 'Harnessing Gender for Inclusive Trade' workshop at SAIIA, 9 December 2016
NWU - TRADE Report back on UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2016
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: Moody's and Fitch's unchanged SA investment rating is good news, but SA economy not yet out of the woods
NWU - SBG First impact of a Donald Trump victory in U.S. Presidential elections is significantly heightened global economic uncertainty
Business Live SMEs in the services sector - a new path to develop least developed countries?
Logistics News Researching Southern Africa and regional logistics problems
NWU - TRADE Medium Term Budget Policy Statement Review
NWU - TRADE More inclusive trade: A new global imperative
Logistics News Equal footing for the SA logistics industry
AgriKultuur Brexit - change is in the air
NWU - TRADE The new industrial and trade policy nexus
NWU - TRADE Brexit...now what?
AgriKultuur Implications of Brexit
NWU - TRADE Zimbabwe-South Africa relations under pressure: An eye for an eye or turn the other cheek?
NWU - TRADE The outcomes of the recent SA local elections send a potentially positive economic message
NWU - TRADE NWU School of Business and Governance Policy Uncertainty Index (PUI) 2Q2016
NWU - TRADE Media statement: SA economy faces a significant period of uncertainty in the event of a Brexit
Finweek A scientific solution to optimise trade decision making
Business Day Wages dip as day labourers' ranks swell
Business Day News analysis: Ministers' absence from  metals indaba reflects empty words
NWU - TRADE NWU School of Business and Governance Policy Uncertainty Index (PUI) 1Q2016
Business Day Bank a vital anchor in rough political and economic seas
Financial Mail The paradigm must shift - Domestic factors have been the main cause of SA's predicament, and anxiety about the future now dominates economic performance
NWU - TRADE Paving the way for South Africa's (re)industrialisation, including the 'local content' vs. the 'local spend' debate
NWU - TRADE The watchword on interest rates: caution
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: 2016 National Budget underscores the economic challenges facing South Africa
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: NWU breaks ground with launch of the Policy Uncertainty Index (PUI) for South Africa
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: Rising interest rate cycle will harm growth and employment


NWU - TRADE Media Statement: Gordhan will help stabilise market perceptions
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: Unexpected change in Finance Minister at this stage is bad news for the economy
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: Rating agencies put SA firmly on notice to get its house in order soon or face possible junk status later
NWU - TRADE WTO Policy Brief Series - Policy uncertainty: How it affects South Africa's growth and development prospects
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: SAIIA Roundtable, 'Nairobi and Beyond - What Prospects for the WTO?'
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: SA's Improvement in the competitiveness index welcome
Business Day Piketty's fix for inequality in sync with development plan
NWU - TRADE Media Statement: SARB Interest Rates 23 September 2015
NWU - TRADE Brazil's Junk Status Rating: Implications for SA
Mail and Guardian Steel crisis spurs state into action
Ornico Inequality 'hampers' trade
NWU NWU's WTO Chair and team showcase Decision Support Model at the WTO's 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade in Geneva, Switzerland
NWU UNCTAD Virtual Institute Workshop: Gender inequality is hampering effective trade
NWU-SBG Beware of Greeks bearing debts? (pdf) (video)
NWU Global Value Chains (GVCs) and Trade Facilitation: Implications for South Africa's Trade Policy
Financial Mail On My Mind: Taking the Piketty road
Engineering News Agbiz launches Political Agri-Economy report
NWU Is SA seeing the value in global value chains (GVCs)?
Engineering News South African localisation and beneficiation must be cognisant of global value chains
Engineering News Academics weigh in on gas industry outlook for 2015


Policy Uncertainty Index (PUI) 1Q2017