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  Prof Raymond Parsons: Politics, Economics and Business in South Africa today (July 2018)
Mr Edward Winant: AGOA and the future of SA-US trade and investment relations Prof Jonathan Calof: Global Competitive Intelligence Practices
Prof Henri Bezuidenhout: Convenor of the TRADE FDI in Africa research programme Dr Channing Arndt: Structural change in the South African economy
Dr Anmar Pretorius: Convenor of the TRADE Economic development research programme Dr Ernst Idsardi: Convenor of the TRADE Agriculture research programme
Prof Raymond Parsons reflects on the 2015 economic situation Mr Tiroyaone Sirang of the BITC shares his experience of using the TRADE-DSM Navigator™
Is the SA economy heading for a recession? The informal economy in South Africa: Understanding the ever-changing puzzle

 Beware of Greeks bearing debts?

The policy/regulatory and business environments - implications for GVCs

NWU Professor receives WTO accolade The political and economic outlook for SA in 2014
Recession, Recovery and Reform in the SA economy Can SA keep the lights on?