MCom/MSc Fees and bursaries

We know that funding a Master's course may be difficult, since along with the hard work and commitment, you will need sufficient financial support and resources to complete your studies. There are, however, some external bursaries available which are designed to help deserving students pursue a Master's in Economics or International Trade (see below).

MCom/MSc - Tuition fees (cost estimate for 2019)
Registration fee levy
Total (2019)
Possible price increase 
R 15,395.00
R 14,255.00
R 14,255.00
R   1,740.00
R 17,135.00
R 1,370.80
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MCom/MSc - Available bursaries (2019)


R 20,200.00 / R 10,100.00 (per annum)
R  3,000.00 to R  5,000.00

Fees and bursaries