Published articles


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(Available from Taylor and Francis Online)

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(Available from Acta Commercii)

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(Available from Aosis)

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(Available from Aosis)

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(Available from Wiley Online Library)

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(Available from Emerald Insight)

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(Available from World Customs Journal)

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(Available from Wiley Online Library)

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(Available from Aosis)

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(Available from SAGE Journals)

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(Available from Oxford Academic)

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(Available from Scielo

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(Available from Sabinet

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(Available from Wiley Online Library)

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(Available from Aosis)

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Peer reviewed papers in non-accredited journals


1. Grater, S., Parry, A. & Viviers, W. 2017. Realising the Potential of Services SMEs in Developing Economies. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) Issue Paper. Geneva, Switzerland.

(Available from ICTSD)

2. Blaauw, D. 2017. Informele indiensname in Suid-Afrika - dit gaan al swaarder. (Informal employment in South Africa - it's getting tougher). Woord & Daad/Word & Action, 56(430):26-28.

(Available from Sabinet)

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(Available from OECD iLibrary)


1. Viljoen JMM, Blaauw PF & Schenck CJ. 2016. Sometimes you don't make enough to buy food" - an analysis of South African street waste pickers' income. ERSA Working paper 603. April.

(Available from Economic Research Southern Africa)


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(Available from Emerald Insight)

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(Available from Collections at UNU)

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(Available from )University of Antwerp

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(Available from )University of Antwerp

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