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Recent outputs from TRADE
TRADE prides itself on being highly responsive to local and international developments in the economics and trade spheres – as evidenced in its many timely and high-quality outputs, including journal articles, conference papers, economic analyses, industry reports and policy briefs.
A full list of outputs can be found here, while some of the most recent titles appear below.
Enabling factors for the existence of waste pickers: a systematic review by Proffs Rinie Schenck, Derick Blaauw and Kotie Viljoen.
The dimensions of FDI in the tourism sector in Africa by Prof Henri Bezuidenhout and Dr Sonja Grater.
Willingness to Pay: Who are the cheap talkers? by Proffs Melville Saayman, Waldo Krugell and Andrea Saayman. 
Conference papers:
SMEs in a services world: an African LDC perspective by Dr Sonja Grater, Ms Ali Parry and Prof Wilma Viviers.
South Africa’s economic policies on unemployment: A historical analysis of two decades of transition by Ms Lorainne Ferreira and Prof Riaan Rossouw.
Fishing in a bigger pond: Opportunities for the Metal and Engineering sector in Southern Africa? – A Decision Support Model Approach by Prof Wilma Viviers and Mr Martin Cameron. 
Thailand’s export opportunities and export potential in ASEAN: An analysis of the decision support model (DSM) results by Prof Ludo Cuyvers, Dr Ermie Steenkamp and Prof Wilma Viviers.
Trends and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa's Agro-Food Sector by Dr Ernst Idsardi, Dr Flippie Cloete and Prof Henri Bezuidenhout.
Individual characteristics that influence the probability of being employed in South Africa: A panel review by Mr Caro Janse van Rensburg and Dr Carike Claassen. 


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