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MCom Winter School

On 4 and 5 August 2016, the annual Winter School of the School of Economics took place in E3-138. This Winter School forms part of the MCom in International Trade and Economics programme and all Master's level students are expected to attend.

The focus of the Winter School was on the immediate context of the students' research, and a number of speakers came to give some broad insights.

Prof Andrea Saayman gave an overview of the history of economic thought (you have to know if your approach is new or neo-classical).

Dr Ed Kerby of LEAP at the University of Stellenbosch spoke about economic history research and seven major themes in the field: Micro analysis, Livings standards, Economic growth, Institutions, Monetary economics, Culture and Development economics.

Prof Raymond Parsons spoke about South Africa's policies and political economy (particularly relevant now that the ANC's NEC has called for a re-planning of the NDP).

And finally, Prof Andre Heymans gave an overview of research specifically in the Finance field.

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