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Recent outputs from TRADE


TRADE prides itself on being highly responsive to local and international developments in the economics and trade spheres, as evidenced in its many research outputs, including journal articles, conference papers, economic analyses, industry reports and policy briefs.
A full list of outputs can be found here, while some of the most recent titles appear below.


Profiling sectoral risks of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa for the first decade of the 21st century by Dr Carike Claassen, and Proffs Henri Bezuidenhout and Ewert Kleynhans

South Africa’s economic policies on unemployment: A historical analysis of transition by Prof Riaan Rossouw and Ms Lorainne Ferreira

South African exporters and the global crisis: intensive margin shock, extensive margin hangover by Prof Marianne Matthee

Promoting food security through indigenous and traditional food crops by Dr Johnny van der Merwe

“I would rather have a decent job”: Barriers preventing street waste pickers from improving their socioeconomic conditions by Prof Derick Blaauw

Enhancing industrial cluster formation through the realistic export opportunities of the TRADE‐DSM by Dr Noleen Pisa, and Proffs Wilma Viviers and Riaan Rossouw


Conference papers:

Exporting, wages and wage inequality in South Africa by Prof Marianne Matthee and Ms Carli Bezuidenhout (Dynamics, Economic Growth and International Trade Conference, Nottingham, United Kingdom)

The truth about economic literacy levels of undergraduate students in South Africa by Dr Alicia Fourie (Annual International Conference on Education, Las Vegas, USA)

Economic literacy levels in South Africa by Dr Alicia Fourie (Financial and Economic Education Conference, Phoenix, USA)

Drivers of FDI for inorganic growth methods through mergers and acquisitions in the freight and logistics industry of South Africa by Proffs Henri Bezuidenhout and Sonja Grater (International Atlantic Economic Conference, Washington, USA)


Media statements:

First impact of a Donald Trump victory in US Presidential elections is significantly heightened global economic uncertainty

Moody's and Fitch's unchanged SA investment rating is good news, but SA economy not yet out of the woods 

The outcomes of the recent SA local elections send a potentially positive economic message 

The paradigm shift in global trade relations — implications for South Africa’s industrial and trade policies 

Zimbabwe-South Africa relations under pressure: An eye for an eye or turn the other cheek? what?

More inclusive trade: a new global imperative 

Report back on UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2016

Report back on 'Harnessing Gender for Inclusive Trade'


Chapters in books:

“Generation Nowhere”: The youth in South Africa’s informal economy—the case of day labourers and waste pickers (in Child Poverty, Youth (Un)Employment, and Social Inclusion) by Prof Derick Blaauw

Streamlining South Africa's export development efforts in sub-Saharan Africa: A Decision Support Model approach (in Trade costs and inclusive growth: Case studies presented by WTO chair-holders) by Proffs Ermie Steenkamp, Sonja Grater and Wilma Viviers



The Economic Ideas of Marx's Capital: Steps towards post-Keynesian economics by Prof Ludo Cuyvers



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