NEWSLETTER ISSUE #4/2017       

TRADE staff and students honoured

The last few months have seen a number of researchers from TRADE recognised for their contribution to the research profession. 
Prof Ludo Cuyvers, an acclaimed international trade economist, was awarded an honorary doctorate in international trade from the North-West University on 26 May 2017 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the university’s research activities over the years. Prof Cuyvers’ association with the NWU began nearly 20 years ago when he embarked, together with TRADE director Prof Wilma Viviers, on a project to adapt an export market selection tool that he had pioneered, the Decision Support Model (DSM), for use in South Africa. Now branded as the TRADE-DSM™, this tool is able to pinpoint high-potential export opportunities from large volumes of country and product data, using a sophisticated information-filtering system. To cater for changing needs in the market, the TRADE-DSM™ is continuously refined and Prof Cuyvers remains very involved in this process. He has also acted as a mentor and sounding board to several TRADE staff members in their research projects, which is a manifestation of his natural affinity towards people and his love of teaching. 

On 31 March 2017, at an awards ceremony held at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), Prof Anmar Pretorius received the prize for the best PhD thesis in UJ’s Department of Economics and Econometrics, titled ‘An empirical analysis of South Africa’s financial market integration with the world’. 

On 1 June 2017, at the TRADE-WTO awards function, Mr Mario Bondesio received the award for the best Master’s degree dissertation in International Trade in 2016, titled ‘Determining the market accessibility of South African exports’. Prof Marianne Matthee, Ms Tasha Naughtin (of Stellenbosch University), Mr Thomas Farole (of the World Bank) and Prof Neil Rankin (of Stellenbosch University) received the award for the best research paper on a WTO-related topic, titled ‘South African exporters and the global crisis: intensive margin shock, extensive margin hangover’. Ms Leoné du Toit received the award for the most promising Honours student in International Trade in 2017 on the strengths of her excellent academic results in the first semester. Finally, Dr Johnny van der Merwe, Dr Flippie Cloete (of the University of the Free State) and Dr Marinka van der Hoeven received the award for the best article in the TRADE research entity in 2016, titled ‘Promoting food security through indigenous and traditional food crops’.


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