NEWSLETTER ISSUE #5/2018      

In the media

Over and above its formal research and information dissemination activities, TRADE regularly offers its opinion through mainstream media on political and economic developments and how these are likely to affect South Africa’s fiscal position, credit rating, business confidence levels, trade and investment status, and economic growth prospects. 

For many years, South Africa has been in a precarious position as far as its international competitiveness status is concerned, with the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2017/2018 offering little comfort that the country has been making sufficient headway in becoming a more productive and innovative nation. See our analysis here. 

Uncertainty, particularly at the policy level, poses a significant threat to a country’s economic plans as it erodes confidence in many different quarters. Several of TRADE’s recent media releases have revealed the uncertainty with which South Africa is currently consumed but which many acknowledge could be mitigated through greater consultation, transparency and accountability. In this regard read about the latest Cabinet reshuffle here and the national Budget here


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