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Recent outputs from TRADE

Over the past few months, TRADE has been adding to its collection of accredited articles, conference papers, project reports and other materials. A full list of recent outputs can be found here, while some of the most recent titles appear below.


Measuring the systemic risk in the South African banking sector by Prof Gregory Foggitt, Prof Andre Heymans, Prof Gary Van Vuuren and Prof Anmar Pretorius

Determining trade facilitation performance: the case of South Africa by Ms Chrislemien Groenewald and Prof Sonja Grater

Understanding manufactured exporters at the firm-level: new insights from using SARS administrative data by Prof Marianne Matthee, Prof Neil Rankin, Dr Tasha Webb and Dr Carli Bezuidenhout

The characteristics of volunteers in South Africa by Dr Ferdinand Niyimbanira and Prof Waldo Krugell

Enhancing industrial cluster formation through the realistic export opportunities of the TRADE-DSM by Dr Noleen Pisa, Prof Wilma Viviers and Prof Riaan Rossouw

Domestic institutions and export performance: evidence for Cambodia by Dr Reth Soeng and Prof Ludo Cuyvers

Financial impact of wheat quality standards on South African wheat producers: a DLP approach by Dr Johnny Van der Merwe and Prof Flippie Cloete

Social work and food security: case study on the nutritional capabilities of the landfill waste pickers in South Africa by Prof Catherina Schenck, Prof Derick Blaauw, Dr Jacoba Viljoen and Dr Elizabeth Swart

Business cycle co-movement between Africa and advanced economies : 1980‒2011 by Dr Carike Claassen, Prof Elsabe Loots, Prof Alain Kabundi and Prof Wilma Viviers

Conference papers:

Driving inclusive growth and enhancing intra-African trade through service sector development: Inclusive growth through services regulation by Prof Sonja Grater

Inclusive growth and wage inequality: The case of South African manufacturing exporters by Dr Carli Bezuidenhout, Prof Marianne Matthee and Prof Neil Rankin

Emerging markets global players: A comparison between the OFDI multinational of Brazil, China and South Africa by Prof Henri Bezuidenhout

Evaluating South Africa's utilisation of sustained export potential in Sub-Saharan Africa by Mr Gabriel Mhonyera, Prof Ermie Steenkamp and Prof Marianne Matthee

Corruption, political stability and illicit financial outflows in Sub-Saharan Africa by Mr Emmanuel Orkoh, Dr Carike Claassen and Prof Derick Blaauw

Connectivity through services: the case for a services trade strategy for South Africa by Dr Adelia Jansen van Rensburg, Ms Ali Parry and Prof Wilma Viviers

Policy briefs/reports:

Plurilateral trade agreements and the impact on LDCs – to participate or not to participate? (UK Government Department for International Development)

Using a decision support model to identify export opportunities for Rwanda (International Growth Centre)

Policy Uncertainty Index 4Q2017

Media releases:

Latest WEF report is another big wake up call for decision makers in South Africa (September 2017)

Services trade: A sustainable solution to southern Africa’s growth and development challenges? (September 2017)

WTO Chairs compare country strategies for making trade more inclusive (October 2017)

TRADE report back from 2017 WTO Chairs conference (December 2017)

Moody's decision on SA investment rating is good news for the economy (March 2018)


Competitive intelligence practices by Prof Jonathan Calof

Introducing the TRADE-DSM®




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