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Recent outputs from TRADE

TRADE continually strives to expand the scope of its research activities and outputs, and has an impressive array of accredited articles, conference papers and other publications to its credit. In particular, Prof Derick Blaauw and Prof Anmar Pretorius' in-depth research on the informal economy should be highlighted. A full list of 2018 outputs can be found here, while some of the most recent titles appear below.


1. Bertelsmann-Scott, T., Jansen van Rensburg, S., Viviers, W., Parshotam, A., Parry, A., Rossouw, R., Langalanga, A. & Nkhata, D. 2018. The impact of plurilateral trade agreements on developing countries - to participate or not to participate? South African Journal of International Affairs, 25(2):177-198.
(Available from Taylor and Francis Online)
2. Bezuidenhout, H., Kleynhans, E. & Grater, S. 2018. The global value chain dimension of foreign direct investment flows in the agro-industrial sector of South Africa: 2003-2014. Acta Commercii, 18(1):1-13.
(Available from Acta Commercii)


3. Blaauw, P., Botha, I. & Schenck, C. 2018. The subjective well-being of day labourers in South Africa: The role of income and geographical location. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 21(1):1-11.
(Available from AOSIS)


4. Coetzee, C.E. & Kleynhans, E.P.J. 2018. Analysing industrial growth in various cities of KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences, 11(1), a184. 
(Available from AOSIS)


5. Coetzee, C.E. & Kleynhans, E.P.J. 2018. Investigating city economic convergence in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: Integration or isolation. Regional Science, Polity and Practice, 2018:221-240.
(Available from Wiley Online Library)


6. Efobi, U. & Orkoh, E. 2018. Analysis of the impacts of entrepreneurship training on growth performance of firms: Quasi-experimental evidence from Nigeria, Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, 10(3).
(Available from Emerald Insight)
7. Hoffman, A.J., Grater, S., Venter, W.C., Maree, J. & Liebenberg, D. 2018. An explorative study into the effectiveness of a customs operation and its impact on trade. World Customs Journal, 12(2):63-86.
(Available from World Customs Journal)


8. Jansen van Rensburg, S., Viviers, W., Cameron, M. & Parry, A. Identifying export opportunities between IORA member states using the TRADE-DSM® methodology: a case study involving South Africa and Thailand. Journal of the Indian Ocean Region,

9. Matthee, M., Rankin, N.A., Webb, T. & Bezuidenhout, C. 2018. Understanding manufactured exporters at the firm-level: new insights from using SARS administrative data. South African Journal of Economics, 86(1):96-119. 
(Available from Wiley Online Library)


10. Mhonyera, G., Steenkamp, E. & Matthee, M. 2018. Evaluating South Africa's utilisation of sustained export potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 21(1), a1927.
(Available from AOSIS)


11. Schenck, C.J., Blaauw, P.F., Viljoen, J.M.M. & Swart, E.C. 2018. Social work and food security: Case study on the nutritional capabilities of the landfill waste pickers in South Africa. International Social Work.
(Available from SAGE Journals)


12. Schenck, C.J., Theodore, N., Blaauw, P.F., Swart, E.C. & Viljoen, J.M.M. 2018. The N2 scrap collectors: Assessing the viability of informal recycling using the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework. Community Development Journal, DOI: 10.1093/cdj/bsx018
(Available from Oxford Academic)


13. Schenck, C.J & Blaauw, P.F. 2018. Day labourers: A case study of the vulnerability of the social fabric and cohesion in South Africa's informal economy. Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, 58(1):36-55.
(Available from Scielo) 


14. Strydom, P.D.F., Viviers, W. & Parry, A. 2018. Industrial policy in the global value chain era: A new paradigm for Africa. AfricaGrowth Agenda, 15(1):19-22.
(Available from Sabinet) 


15. Theodore, N., Pretorius, A.M., Blaauw, P.F. & Schenk, C.J. 2018. Informality and the context of reception in South Africa's new immigrant destinations. Population, Space and Place, 24(3).
(Available from Wiley Online Library)


16. Viljoen, J.M.M., Blaauw, P.F. & Schenck, R. 2018. Sometimes you don't make enough money to buy food: An analysis of South African street waste pickers' income. Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences, 11(1):1-13.
(Available from AOSIS)


Conference papers:

1. Promoting sustainable and inclusive trade in a digital era by exploring untapped intra-regional trade opportunities in Africa by Ms Lorainne Ferreira and Prof Ermie Steenkamp

2. Identifying firm-level export barriers in African fragile countries by JC Cloete and Prof Marianne Matthee

3. Trade, manufacturing and employment: The first two decades of South African Democracy by Prof Anmar Pretorius and Prof Derick Blaauw

4. Entry and Survival of South Africa’s Agricultural Exports by Dr Ernst Idsardi and Dr David Spies

5. The subjective wellbeing of the informally employed in Pretoria and Windhoek by Prof Derick Blaauw and Mr Anton van Wyk

6. Socio-economic dynamics of the informal sector by Prof Derick Blaauw and Prof Anmar Pretorius

7. Identifying export opportunities for China in One Belt and One Road: Policy implications for export promotion by Dr Dahai Fu, Mr Martin Cameron, Prof Ludo Cuyvers and Prof Wilma Viviers 

8. Institutional Isomorphism and the formation of regional institutions: the Case of the African Union by Dr Gabila Nubong

Policy briefs/reports:

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