As the newly appointed director of the TRADE research entity, I extend my warmest greetings to you.
Take your time to browse through our website as it offers a wealth of information on our members, research partnerships and outputs, our Master's and PhD programmes in economics and international trade, our tailor-made advisory services, and our ongoing events and press releases. TRADE has its research focus on firstly international trade, including aspects such as export promotion and import substitution, and secondly development economics. I would like to draw your attention in particular to the WTO Chairs Programme (WCP), a partnership between TRADE and the World Trade Organization which has enabled us to expand our reach and influence, and to attract growing numbers of Master's and PhD students by offering study bursaries to deserving candidates, who are hosted within TRADE.
We have an exciting year full of interesting events and activities ahead of us in the coming months and we will keep you updated on recent as well as future events. Whatever your specific interests or aspirations are, I wish you all of the best and look forward to engaging with many of you. If you would like to contact us, send an email to or click here for full contact details.
Kind regards,
Director: TRADE research focus area and WTO Chair
North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus)