Christo Bezuidenhout
Job Title: 
Extra-ordinary lecturer: Human Resource Development
+27 18 285 2574
26 years in training (HRD) management in the private and public sector in various contexts. Higher Education lecturer since 2015 in the T&D / HRD programme.

Christo served on several Standard Generating Bodies. He was involved in several qualification development processes and is registered at five Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs) as assessor, moderator, Skills development facilitator in various fields. 

He has the following accolades:

  • Received the rewards for the best undergraduate and Honours Training and Development (HRD) student over five years.
  • External lecturer & postgraduate researcher
  • Assists with curriculum development at the training and development (HRD) programme (undergraduate & honours)
  • Independent humand resource development (HRD) consultant for private, public and non-governmental organisations
  • Presented at the 2016 Universities Forum HRD international conference