You will walk away with real-world skills, international accreditation and pioneering research. The MBA qualification is regarded as the flagship of business training worldwide and at the NWU Business School, we aim to provide just that, a qualification that is accredited and will provide the tools to succeed in the business environment.

The NWU Business School has been delivering competent graduates since 1965 to Southern Africa who, in turn, are making a proven contribution to social and economic growth in the region. The NWU Business School aims to provide professional postgraduate management and business training.



Get your MBA (accredited on NQF level 9) in 2 years, from the NWU Business School. Walk away with real-world skills, international accreditation and pioneering research. Admissionn requirements are a qualification on NQF level 8 (a 4-year professional degree, honours degree or a Post-graduate Diploma) and 3-4 years relevant work experience. The NWU Business School also offers the Post-graduate Diploma in Management on a part-time basis as an alternative route to get you to your MBA. The MBA qualification is regarded as the flagship of business training worldwide and at the NWU Business School we aim to provide just that, a qualification that is accredited and will provide the tools to succeed in the business environment.


Sites and methods of delivery

Since the start of the Covid-19 disruption all classes are delivered online. However, our normal teaching mode is contact classes with simultaneous online teaching. Classes takes place every second Saturday, plus a week-long study school once per semester.

Duration: The minimum duration and maximum duration of the MBA programme are respectively two and three continuous academic years.

Admission requirements

Admission to the MBA programme is subjected to strict criteria and in accordance with accredited business schools and best practices. MBA applicants must be in the possession of the following minimum requirements:

  • A completed official application form PLUS a written motivational letter on doing the MBA; and

  • One or more of the following post-school education:

    • A recognized 4-year professional degree qualification on NQF-level 8. Any international qualification must be verified by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). This verification process is the sole responsibility of the applicant; and/or

    • an honours degree on NQF level 8; and/or

    • a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDip) on NQF level 8; and

  • A minimum of 3 years’ relevant management experience; and

  • Successful completion of a formally recognized Business School admission test (GMAT, NMAT); and (TTS)

  • An interview pertaining to the reasons why doing the MBA at the NWU Business School

  • Access to computers - Internet and e-mail

  • Admission to modules is subject to minimum numbers per module per site. If these numbers are not achieved, students opting for certain modules may be required to either do that module on another site or mode of delivery or (in the case of an elective) to opt for another elective.

Notwithstanding the above minimum requirements the Business School reserves the sole and unfettered discretionary right to admission to the MBA programme after taking its operational and capacity (including financial aspects) requirements, quality assurances, teaching and learning policies, as well as any other matters that may have an effect on admission into account.


Fully HEQC accredited; NQF-level 9 MBA 

The NWU Business School MBA has been accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). For our students it is a guarantee that they receive business training of the highest international standards. The NWU Business School are also accredited with the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) and is a member of the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA).

The fully international accredited MBA programme of the NWU Business School is a comprehensive qualification comprising a wide range of key activities in the world of business. 

Being an influential and quality-audited business school in the MBA-marketplace in South Africa, the NWU Business School has made strategic changes and additions to its MBA programme to expand its value to market. The re-curricularisation of the MBA programme, together with our skills-oriented study schools, serve as a impetus to our faculty for sustained excellence in business learning and associated networking through the system of syndicate group learning methodologies. Alongside this process a greater emphasis on quality and less focus on quantity have emerged, implying that a refined selection process will ensure that we maintain this vision of quality. Notwithstanding all the above assets we were able to maintain our low-cost milieu, thus offering our MBA at a price that will ensure comparative competitiveness – a kind of pareto optimum!

How to apply/register

Step 1
In order to apply for admission, a prospective student needs to complete an online application and submit all the required supporting documents as indicated in the Guidelines for applicants, namely a CV,a motivational letter, application fee, as well as certified copies of ID document, academic records and related certificates. Applications are only accepted in electronic format. Please ensure that all your documents are already in electronic format when you apply online to submit electronically.

Apply online here

Step 2
Applicants will be notified with regard to their admission status after the initial selection. Successful applicants will be contacted to take the required NMAT admission test for final selection.

Step 3
The NWU Business School will conduct interviews with the applicants in due course.


Contact details

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+27 18 299 1379
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