The School of Business & Governance at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, wants to be known for research that provides practical business solutions with scientific contributions to the broader field of management. The School of Business & Governance consists of research clusters in the field of management. These clusters form the basis for focused as well as integrated research covering the following areas:

Human Resource Management that focuses on:

Diversity management, Workplace bullying and conflict handling, Organisational behaviour and leadership, Work engagement, Trust building and Emotional intelligence.

Financial Management focusing on:

Wealth creation and Value-based management.

General Management covering:

Strategic management, Marketing management, Labour economics and the Management of information technology in organisations.

Entrepreneurship focusing on:

Family businesses and corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship networks.


Contact details

For Management accounting research please contact Prof Anet Smit

For Entrepreneurial research please contact Prof SP van der Merwe

For Financial management research please contact Prof Ines Nel

For Marketing management research please contact Prof CA Bisschoff