BCom Statistics and BCom Operations Research


Statistics is the branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, organisation, analysis and interpretation of numerical data. In general, the discipline is concerned with:

  • the collection of information
  • summarising information for ease of understanding
  • drawing conclusions from the data, and
  • estimating the present or predicting/forecasting the future

Operations research, on the one hand, is the discipline that is concerned with the application of analytical methods to help decision-makers with the optimal allocation of scarce resources. It is concerned with using different models in maximising profit using minimal resources. Operational research may also be defined as the use of advanced analytical techniques to improve decision-making. Operations research analysts are involved in all aspects of an organisation. They help to allocate resources, develop production schedules, manage the supply chain and set prices.

Admission requirements

  • English level 4
  • Mathematics level 4
  • APS 24

Sites of delivery

  • Mafikeng

Qualification options

  • Extended BCom Statistics
  • BCom Statistics
  • BCom Operations Research

Post-graduate studies

  • BCom Statistics Hons
  • BCom Operations Research Hons
  • MCom Statistics
  • MCom Operations Research
  • PhD Statistics
  • PhD Operations Research 

Career opportunities

Statisticians have the advantage of combining their interest with almost any other field of study, especially in science, business, medicine technology, education, etc. Some of these fields are as follows:

  • Education
  • Biology 
  • Economics
  • Manufacturing                                            
  • Marketing
  • Engineering                    
  • Finance
  • Health science
  • Public health                                
  • Computer science
  • Epidemiology
  • Law                     
  • Population studies
  • Chemistry
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance                               
  • Sports
  • Banking institutions                                           
  • Earth sciences
  • Geography
  • Government departments                              
  • Insurance companies

People with skills in OR hold jobs in decision support, business analytics, marketing analysis and logistics planning. Many large firms have groups of OR analysts. These are located in the steel, mining, oil, gas, chemicals, paper and engineering industries, airlines, logistics, railways, banking and insurance. Within the public sector, OR analysts are also employed in health, education and electricity supply.

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