Industry services

Industry Services

There is often a gap between academic management research and industry requirements. This inevitably leads to management research that has limited relevance in a real industry environment. Hence, our aim is to:

  • Enhance the impact of our research on industry, and
  • Enhance the impact of industry on our research.

In doing so, we have been able to add substantial value added benefit to multiple organisations, addressing real management issues, based on scientifically sound research.

Model based business engineering

Financial systems

  • Business finance models
  • Business valuation models
  • Cost accounting models
  • Management accounting frameworks

Typical examples of financial systems services include:

Strategic financial systems

  • Credit management policies at an academic institution
  • Bank finance access in the SME sector
  • Value creation strategies for sustainable organisations
  • Commodity derivative implications in the South African agricultural sector
  • Management accounting frameworks in multiple industries and sectors

Operational financial systems

  • Cost accounting models/value chain analysis in multiple industries and sectors
  • Business valuations in various industries

Risk management systems

  • Business intelligence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Enterprise risk management systems
  • Environmental analysis
  • Financial risk management

Typical examples of risk management services include:

Strategic risk management

  • Competitive intelligence in the South African metals industry
  • Strategic intelligence in the South African mining industry
  • Carbon tax implications in the South African vehicle industry
  • Channel development strategies
  • Competitive environmental analysis in various industries and sectors

Operational risk management

  • Acquisition of electronic safety equipment in the mining sector
  • Integrated reporting impact on risk management for listed companies


Technological systems

  • Application development
  • Technological strategy assessment

Typical examples of technological systems services include:

Strategic technological systems

  • Competitive environment in the ICT industry

Operational technological systems

  • Development of mobile electronic accounting systems in the SME sector
  • Information flow in a private hospital’s theatre complex


Human systems

Wellness systems

Typical examples of human systems services include:

Strategic human systems

  • Cultural implications of cross-border corporate acquisitions

Operational human systems

  • Development of a Respect for People model for lean implementation
  • Selection methods for candidate systems engineers
  • StudyWell


Operational systems

  • Process analysis
  • Process maturity analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Value stream analysis

Typical examples of operational services include:

Strategic operational systems

  • Management accounting role/impact on fraud control

Operational systems

  • Cost accounting models/value chain analysis in multiple industries and sectors
  • Real-time measurement and evaluation for SAG mill liner wear