Benefit to industry

GIFT is designing and delivering to businesses, a range of short learning programs dealing with HRM activities and policies to attract, improve and maintain people with high levels of human capital in line with the organization's strategic strategy.

Short learning programs

  1. Creating a Talent Centric Organisation
  2. Strategic Talent Management
  3. Talent as a Business Value Proposition
  4. Talent Intelligent Woman
  5. Talent Leadership
  6. Talent Metrics and Assessment
  7. Talent Risk Management
  8. The Principles of Talent Management
  9. Talent Workplace Bullying



  1. Prof Vlad Vaiman – California Lutheran University
  2. Prof Szabolcs Nage – Miskolc Hungury
  3. Prof Zafarullah Sahito – Sukkur IBA University, Sindh Pakistan
  4. Dr Hazvie Saurombe – Nwu Extraordinary Scientist
  5. Prof Gabriel Louw – Nwu Extraordinary Professor


Books Made

  1. Poetry – My Liefde, My geluk, My Lewe
  2. Higher Education in the Face of a Global Pandemic
  3. Aspect of Talent Management in the workplace environment of the 2020’s
  4. Investigation of Academic Misconduct PLAGIARISM