BA with Tourism (Potchefstroom)


BA qualifications in Humanities are focused on the understanding and management of people and more specifically the sustainability of the heritage of South Africa. These qualifications specifically provide access to occupations such as: heritage managers, cultural conservation experts, marketers and guesthouse managers.

BA qualifications in Health Sciences are focused on the understanding and management of the wellness of society as a whole, but also specifically groups involved in tourism. Specifically these qualifications provide access to occupations such as: recreation specialists, tourism marketers and guesthouse managers.

Degree options

  • BA Psychology and Tourism Management
  • BA Recreation and Tourism Management
  • BA Communications
  • BA Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Admission Requirements

  • APS 22 ( BA Heritage and Cultural Tourism)
  • APS 24 (BA Psychology and Tourism Management and Health Sciences with Recreation and Tourism)

Career opportunities

  • Heritage managers
  • Cultural conservation experts
  • Marketers and guesthouse managers.

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BA Tourism Management (Mafikeng)


The BA Tourism Management programme offers nationally and internationally recognised modules that will enable you to become a tourism expert. The three-year programme will provide you with a solid foundation in the theory and practice of tourism management through the promotion of sustainable tourism development and management. It will also prepare you for a successful career in the tourism industry.

You will, among others, learn to:

  • Evaluate information pertaining to sustainable living patterns, environmental responsibility and conservation within the tourism industry;
  • Provide benefits to society and the economy by increasing self-employment, the ability to sustain micro-enterprises and the overall social and economic productivity;
  • Work effectively with others by sensitising target groups such as young people, the unemployed and community members to the need for improved community living in terms of raising standards and addressing issues of redress and democratisation; and
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge and critical understanding of cultural and aesthetic sensitivity across a variety of social contexts.

To ensure a range of employment opportunities, you can choose between Development studies OR Communication modules that will expand your knowledge and skills over a period of three years.

Admission Requirements

  • National Senior Certificate
  • An APS of 20 and English at NSC Scale 4 (50-59%)
  • A Senior Certificate with conditional exemption
  • Evidence of recognition of prior learning
  • An approved qualification obtained outside South Africa and evaluated by SAQA

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Career opportunities

For more than a decade, we have produced graduates who have made their mark in the private and public sectors. Some are business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, directors, managers and many more.

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