Vision & Mission


To be an innovative and quality-driven business school that, strongly anchored within a regional context, also plays a dynamic role in Africa and internationally.


The NWU Business School is committed to high quality teaching, research and the operationalisation of expertise measured against international standards within a context of a client- and service-oriented approach. The mission is vested in the following eight pillars:

The following eight elements are key pillars of this mission, which leads to the formulation of specific goals and applicable targets that the NWU Business School wishes to achieve, namely:

  • The optimal utilisation of academic and support staff to achieve the goal of the NWU Business School.
  • To develop, teach and empower, by means of innovative teaching and quality learning, well-rounded graduates, who are able to think laterally and critically and who are able to serve the country and its people, the continent and the world.
  • Develop and maintain relevant, focused research of a high standard that is aligned with national priorities and that offers innovative solutions to the challenges that face the academic community, the country, the continent and the world.
  • Expand the commercialisation, implementation and marketing of expertise to benefit all role-players.
  • Expand the community involvement of the NWU Business School in order to make a fundamental difference with all role-players.
  • The proactive expansion and maintenance of international collaboration agreements with regard to teaching-learning, research and the marketing of expertise.
  • Development of the NWU Business School image and the strengthening of the NWU Business School trademark.
  • Be a responsible, well-managed, financially-viable business school with a strong client focus to support and improve the quality of our core business.