The PhD programme of the NWU Business School in Business Administration is a research doctoral degree of exceptional quality. It is expected of prospective candidates to demonstrate experience and control of the focus of the doctoral study. The NWU Business School attempts to make the selection process transparent, but should also produce exceptional research.

Therefore, attempts are made on a continuous basis to have publications published in accredited journals extracted from PhD theses. The reason for this is naturally obvious – the research is relevant, actual and strives towards a strong focus on business – and should therefore be absorbed into the wider academic mainstream.
The NWU Business School also has a proven research footprint that flows from this philosophy of research and publishing. These do not only include articles, but also accredited conference papers.

The study itself should bear testimony of exceptional research methodology, a definite academic contribution as well as a contribution to business. Because the study is conducted at a business school, it is expected that the PhD degree, above and beyond other academic requirements, should also have a focus on business.

The selection process is strict and the selection panel takes note of the above-mentioned factors as well as others continuously through the selection process.
It is, for example, procedure to participate, early in the process, in a selection interview during which the background of the study is determined.

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