The first aim of this entity is to provide a research home for all researchers to hang their research hats relating to technology-enhanced teaching and learning.  The administrative home of TELIT-SA is in the Faculty of Economic & Management sciences Vanderbijlpark Campus, but with a footprint on each campus. TELIT-SA welcomes any participant from any disciplines and across the NWU.  Even in these early stages, there are indications of successful interaction and joint publications with other research entities.

The research focus area TELIT-SA focusses on theory and practice of learning technologies across an array of disciplines in HE.  The theory for practice, embedded in critical theory, provides a dedicated focus on the practice of TEL across an array of disciplines.  Theory of practice also assists in bridging the gap between basic disciplines and theoretical underpinnings of the pedagogical use of TEL in order to create a specific formal TEL knowledge base as a legitimate, valid and crucial resource to act as change agent across disciplines.  The blurred distinction between learning about (vocational) technology and learning with technology (pedagogic) becomes less and less real as TEL increasingly becomes integrated into every aspect of teaching and learning, to the advantage of students and the institution.