Why this degree?

Our Bachelor’s degree in Training and Development, with specialisation in Human Resource Development (HRD), focuses on the improvement of the expertise and skills levels of training and staff development professionals in the private and public sectors. It is a three-year vocationally-oriented degree course that provides practice-oriented training in the skills development field.

Our degree is currently the only undergraduate degree of its kind in South Africa. This is a specialised professional degree in Training and Development, and is designed for those already employed as trainers. 

Why us?

We make use of lecturers who themselves have not only obtained this degree at post-graduate level, but who are also expert practitioners (with several years of experience) in training and development. 


During contact sessions, students will have the opportunity to network and discuss problems they experience in the field of training with colleagues who are also trainers from various workplaces. We also have international students enrolled for this degree. The medium of instruction (English) makes this degree accessible to all those who meet the admission requirements. 

Admission requirements

We prefer trainers to have one of the following certificates or diplomas:

  • Assessor
  • Moderator
  • Curriculum design and skills development facilitator or an
  • ETDP diploma

By having one of the above mentioned degrees you will obtain an integrated degree, covering all facets of human resource development, therefore enabling you to become a professional in the field of human resource development.


To be admitted to this programme, the following requirements apply:

  • National Senior Certificate (Matric) with exemption
  • At least two years of working experience as a trainer in the field of human resource development.
  • Internet access as assignments need to submitted electronically      

*If you did not obtain your Senior Certificate with exemption, and have the required training experience, you may still qualify if you are:


Over 23 years of age, but not yet 44 years of age, and have:

  • A language or another subject on higher grade.
  • Passed any four subjects with an E or higher symbol.


Over 23 years of age but not yet 44 years of age, and do not meet the requirements stated in the column to the left. If you however have a Level 6 university certificate, that certificate will be considered.

Over 23 years of age but not yet 44 years of age, and do not meet the requirements stated in the column immediately to the left you might be allowed to:

  • Write the University Entrance Test, in exceptional circumstances. This is locally known as the “Senate Discretionary” route.) 


Already 44 years of age

  • No requirements need to be met.


Mode of delivery

Our degree is further convenient as it is offered on a limited contact basis (three weeks in a year). This will afford you the opportunity to study while you work and apply theory immediately in the workplace. All assignments are submitted through our intranet and you may write your examinations at examination centres closest to you.