Why this degree?

Students who enrol for this degree would have mastered all the theory of HRD by means of their undergraduate studies, but through their extensive experience also have first-hand experience of human resource development issues that need to be addressed in the human resource development field and that could be researched; thereby contributing to skills development on a national level. The master’s degree in Training and Development also serves as preparation to the PhD in Economic and Management Sciences (with specialisation in Human Resource Development).

This degree is only presented part-time and consists of a full research dissertation. 

Why us?

This is the only degree of it's kind in South Africa, and we ensure an optimal research experience by making use of study leaders with a proven research record in Human Resource Develeopment. 

Admission requirements

To enrol for the master’s degree in Training and Development (NQF level 9) you need:

  • To have completed an undergraduate and honours degrees in Training and Development/HRD
  • At least seven years of work experience, preferably as a senior HRD professional
  • An average of at least 65 % in the honours degree
  • At least  65 % in the research modules (FOER 611; OPLN 612; RSPR 671)

Admission is also dependent on capacity within the programme.  

Mode of delivery

This degree is offered on a part-time basis only; therefore suited to full-time working students, and on the Potchefstroom Campus only and in English only. The full component of the degree is research to afford full-time working students the opportunity to research aspects/issues concerning HRD as experienced in the workplace.  

How to apply

Applications can only be done online on the NWU applications portal

Applications close 30 September