The significant growth of the tourism industry over the last few years opens up various opportunities for employment. Tourism managers and marketers are not only ambassadors of South Africa, but also facilitate growth through product development, management and marketing. This School will therefore prepare you for a dynamic industry where you can apply your ideas, skills and abilities.

As a tourism manager, your responsibilities will include:

  • the management of tourism products such as accommodation establishments, nature attractions, events, exhibitions and more.
  • the marketing of different tourism sectors through various creative methods.
  • liaison with public and private sectors relevant to the tourism industry.
  • liaison with local operators, the media and designers.
  • Undertaking of market research with members of the public and visitors to ensure optimal exposure and awareness of tourism products and activities.

Fields of study


Manage a tourism enterprise, and understand the importance of tourism in the growing economy of South Africa, and how to develop it to the benefit of the country.

BCom Tourism Management

Develop and manage your own accommodation establishment, manage events as well as optimise nature as a tourism attraction. In Recreation Science, you will learn how to manage people’s leisure time. 

BCom Tourism and Recreation Science

The BA Tourism Management programme offers nationally and internationally recognised modules that will enable you to become a tourism expert. 

BA with Tourism Management (Mafikeng)