Elmarie Slabbert
Job Title: 
Deputy Director
+27 18 299 1806
+27 18 299 4140
Physical Address: 
E3 Room 223

Prof Elmarie Slabbert is a professor in Tourism Management at the School of Tourism Management, North-West University (South Africa). She completed her PhD in 2005 and is currently one of the senior researchers at TREES, focusing on travel behaviour, the socio-cultural impact of tourism and marketing issues. Elmarie is the chairperson of the Southern African Institute for Management Scientists and deputy-chairperson of the Tourism Educators of South Africa. She has authored and co-authored 37 peer-reviewed articles, eight accredited conference proceedings and, since 2005, 34 master’s students and 19 doctorate students have completed their studies with success under her guidance. She is currently serving on the Research Forum of the Minister of Tourism. In 2013, she was the second runner-up for the Women in Science Award by the Department of Science and Technology. Over the last five years, she formed part of the top 20% of the North-West University, receiving the top achiever award.