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Note: Several of the photos have captions with only the names of the people in the photograph. Their organisation, role and relationship to UARM (at the time of the photo), can be viewed by clicking here.

  • 2019 May 3: Extraordinary professiorial acceptance lecture by Prof. Marise Born and Prof. Henk van der Flier. For a video interview with her on the lecture, click here. Coverage of the event in the local press can be found here.

  • 2019 Apr 15: Jaco van Wyk won the prize as the top student of the Class of 2018. Click here to view a video interview with him.

  • 2019 Apr 15: UARM Graduation - Class of 2018, comprising of seven graduates.

Front:   Emmanuel Mulambya, Michael Jeffries (Graduate), Dr. Elisabeth Lickindorf, Corne Maritz (Graduate), Nigel Moodley (Graduate), Fedile Kekana (Graduate), Prof. Hermien Zaaiman
Back: Jaco van Wyk (Top Graduate), Gerrit Maritz (Graduate), Prof. Neels Erasmus, Fred Goede, Dr. Graham Baker

  • 2018 Nov 19: Extraordinary professiorial acceptance lecture by Prof. Gert Jan Hofstede. For a video interview with him on his lecture, click here

Front:  Dr. Elisabeth Lickindorf, Dr. Sonja Gilliland, Prof. Hermien Zaaiman, Prof. Gert Jan Hofstede, Prof. Linda du Plessis, Prof. Herman van der Merwe, Prof. Lucius Botes

Back: Fred Goede, Emmanuel Mulambya, Dr. Graham Baker, Prof. Ian Rothman, Prof. Neels Erasmus

  • 2018 May 9: UARM Graduation - Class of 2017, comprising of five graduates.

Front:  Prof. Wynand Grobler, Prof. Hermien Zaaiman, Prof. Herman van der Merwe, Prof. Babs  Surujlal, Dr. Sonja Gilliland
Back: Roland Carries (Graduate), Dr. Elisabeth Lickindorf, Dr. Graham Baker, Emmanuel Mulambya, Prof. Neels Erasmus, Fred Goede, Hedré Pretorius, Eleni Albanis (Graduate), Malora Zeller (Top Graduate), Dinah Modimakwane (Graduate), Bongani Monareng (Graduate)

  • 2018 Apr 19-20: UARM Risk Culture Workshop, Click here to read more about it. Prof Marise Born from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam also presented a guest lecture on organisational leadership and culture at the "Risk Data and Reporting" contact session in May.

  • 2018 Mar 20: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Student Excellence Awards - Malora Zeller receives the prize as top student. Click here to view a video interview with her.

Malora Zeller receiving the prize from Hermien Zaaiman.

  • 2018 Feb 26: Hermien Zaaiman facilitates a workshop on conservation risk for Birdlife SA - read more here.

  • 2018 Jan 25: UARM facilitates a workshop on risk culture with the North-West Development Coorporation - read more here.

The workshop facilitators - Karin Pasha and Manon ten Voorde

  • 2017 Oct 26: Annual screening of the Boom Bust Boom movie at Killarney Mall as part of the Behavioural Risk Management module
  • 2017 May 12: UARM Graduation - Class of 2016, comprising of seven graduates.

Front:  Dr Elisabeth Lickindorf,  Dr Sonja Gilliland, Prof Hermien Zaaiman, Christine Bezuidenhout (Graduate), Wilna Meiring (Top Garduate), Kishen Padayachee (Graduate)
Back: Fred Goede, Neels Erasmus, Ane-a Harding (Graduate), Eddie Lindeque (Graduate), Vasie Naiker (Graduate), Graham Baker

Absent Graduates: David Kalima



Wilna Meiring (right) with the prizes for both the Top Student and the Best Presentation from the UARM Graduate symposium. Click here to view a video interview with her.



  • 2017 Mar 31: UARM Graduate Symposium - celebrating the achievers in the Graduates of 2016





  • 2016 Sep 12: A leading expert in organisational culture, Professor Gert Jan Hofstede from the Wageningen University, conducts a workshop on the topic with the UARM team. The UARM research focus on risk culture is expected to benefit from this body of knowledge. Mr Fred Goede, senior lecturer at UARM, will be doing his PhD under Prof Hofstede on the topic "Safety culture in high risk industries - a sociotechnical approach" 

Click here to view a video interview with Professor Hofstede on organisational culture.

  • 2016 Apr 22: Graduation of first cohort of MARM students

In what has been described in a NWU news flash (read more here) as a momentous milestone, the first set of seven masters students graduated from the programme. 

Front:  Mr Neels Vermeulen, Prof Tinie Theron, Prof Linda du Plessis, Prof Herman van der Merwe, Prof Babs Surajlal.

Middle: Hedre Pretorius, Vaneshree Pillay (Graduate), Bheki Ghutswa (Graduate), Prof Hermien Zaaiman, Dr Sonja Gilliland, Chan Naidoo (Graduate). 

Back: Johan Grobbelaar (Top Graduate), Graham Baker, Wandile Mazula (Graduate), Fred Goede, Henry Cockeran, Prof Neels Erasmus.

Absent graduates: GS Naidoo (Graduate) and Leanne Williams (Graduate).

  • 2016 Apr 4: The first UARM Graduate Symposium

The top 4 students from the 2015 Graduates presented their researh to an open audience at IRMSA. Two trophies were awarded. The trophy for the Top Student over the duration of the programme was taken by Johan Grobbelaar. The trophy for the Best Presentation on the day went to Chan Naidoo.







Johan Grobbelaar recieves the trophy for best student amongst the 2015 graduates from Prof Herman van der Merwe

  • 2015 Oct 30: UARM is again a winner at the annual IRMSA awards.

The UARM Master's Programme in Applied Risk Management was judged to be the winner of the "Education" industry specific risk inititaive.

IRMSA has also officially endorsed the UARM Master's Programme - click here to view the endorsement. 


  • 2015 Jun 25: UARM meets with international experts in behavioural finance in support of the Centre's focus on behavioural risk.
  • 2014 Mar 6-8: The first intake for the Master's Programme in Applied Risk Management (MARM) contact sessions were held at the UARM venue.


Click here to read more on the background to the programme.

  • 2013 Oct 4: UARM is a winner at the annual IRMSA (South African Institute for Risk Management) awards

The UARM Master's Programme in Applied Risk Management was judged to be the winner of two industry specific risk inititaives of the annual IRMSA awards,

namely "Education" and also the "Overall Industry Specific Risk Initiative Special Award for Recognition of Exceptional Service"

Left to right:  Henry Cockeran, Prof HermienZaaiman, Prof Linda du Plessis, Hermie le Roux, Dr Sonja Gilliland, Prof Wynand Grobler

  • 2013 Master's Programme in Applied Risk Management (MARM) Launch

Click here to view a document explaining the founding vision of the programme.

(Please note that some of the information on the programme has changed in the interim - refer to the NWU academic calendar for the current information)