Previous Students Comments

Wilna Meiring, Managing Executive: Corporate Risk and Security Management, Vodacom (Class of 2016):

'I am still astounded at how much I grew and learned during the past two years. The masters gave me so much more than I thought it could. Unbelievable at how positive it assists in my work. We have changed our whole approach to ERM in business and this makes me so excited.'

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Eddie Lindeque, a 2015 graduate and General Manager: Enterprise Risk Management, Transnet:

Dear Hermien

I just want to thank you for opening up a new world of behavioural risk management to me this year. It was a good learning experience and I have grown, even as a mature ERM specialist, in knowledge and what academia has contributed to the science of risk management. All the knowledge sharing and differences of opinion added the necessary spice to the learning experience.

Responses received to the feedback question: “What did you like about the course?”

  • I liked the course because it is applied and research based. It allows me to conduct research on current issues and that I am to apply those that I can apply in my working environment”


  • “The content.  The invited speakers on specialised areas.  The environmental scanning project was extremely useful”  


  • “Case studies that are dealt with during the lectures, gives us an opportunity to have meaningful discussions of real life examples”


  • “I enjoyed the course content, for most parts it was practical and refreshing and not just text book styled and theoretical. The international angle with the colleagues from Holland was the stand out learning points to date”


  • “The practical nature of it. I had to opportunity to perform various exercises that I would never have been able to do at work. I also like that the presenters also have "practical work" experience and that they are not pure academics. There is a big difference between theory and practice.  I also like the small class and the very personal feedback after each assignment”


  • “The networking and sharing of information. Especially where we can see and experience how other people implemented the theory.     That I could make the case studies practical and add value to my current work”