Business incubation provide SMEs and start-ups with the nurturing environment needed to develop and grow their businesses. Business Incubation is a structured, but customisable process that allow businesses at any level of the business scale (start-up, growing business of mature business) to join the incubation process and be able to accelerate their business


But how does it work?



Who can apply?

  • Students from the NWU 
  • Any entrepreneur from our community (60km radius around campus)


Assessment Process

Step 1: 

  • Apply by sending an email to
  • Please include the following in your email application:
    • Business profile
    • Team member profiles & hiring projections
    • Business model - product / service
    • Support requirements
    • Business model - customer segment

Step 2:

  • The bhive EDC representative will contact you to provide feedback on your aplication and/or set up an appointment
  • The Second evaluation will entail:
  • Business idea
  • Revenue projection
  • Clearly define their customer segment
  • The team - demonstrable skills / experience in the type of business
  • Personal sacrifice
  • Commitment and personal discipline
  • Communication skills
  • Mentors
  • Does the applicant have the ability to meet programme criteria?
  • Clear understanding of the business and industry

Step 3:

  • Acceptance or rejection of applicant as client