Introductory Short Course to Entrepreneurial Skills

The SBAB has been presenting the Introductory Short Course to Entrepreneurial Skills since 1986. It was inter alia presented to some schools as an extra-curricular subject.
Over the years, the course has been adapted to meet the specific needs of the independent young entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs. The course is exceptionally practical and applicable and enjoys wide acceptance in the market.


The purpose of the course is to make people who want to start their own business aware of the concept of entrepreneurship, to assist in establishing an entrepreneurship culture and to encourage the youth to consider self-employment by establishing an own business as a viable career option.
By means of the curriculum, it is intended to draw prospective entrepreneurs’ attention to various business opportunities, the factors influencing the establishment and managing of an independent business, the unique problems facing business owners and methods of preventing or solving such problems. Existing theories regarding the management and operation of a business will be addressed, but the emphasis during the presentation will be on the practical application of the theories.

Presentation period

The course is presented over a period of one year (divided into two semesters). Each semester consists of a compulsory one-week study school (Monday to Friday). Two courses are presented annually, starting in January and July respectively.


Students are expected to submit practical assignments after each study school. These assignments must be submitted on predetermined dates. Apart from this, students also write a semester examination related to the subjects presented in that specific semester. Examinations are written annually in June and October. These examinations can either be written in Potchefstroom or at selected centres countrywide. Should examinations be written outside Potchefstroom, an examination fee is payable

Learning plan

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial Management skills
  • Entrepreneurial Financial skills
  • Entrepreneurial Administrative skills
  • Entrepreneurial Legal Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing skills
  • Small Business planning skills and budgets

Entrepreneurial financial skills consist of:

  • Basic Financial concepts:
  • Costing for a retailer;
  • Costing for production, manufacturing or a service
  • Viability analysis of a business

Medium of Education

Study schools are presented in English. Course material is available in English. Students may submit assignments and examination papers in Afrikaans or English.


A matric certificate OR a secondary school qualification a pre-requisite.

Presentation of classes

Please take note that the classes will only be offered should numbers justify it. 


The study schools are presented at the SBAB/Business School on the Potchefstroom Campus. Should the number of students warrant it, the SBAB does, however, negotiate with organisations to present the course by means of study schools outside Potchefstroom.

Course fees

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