It is widely accepted that the SBAB is presently the largest trainer of SMMEs and business consultants and mentors in Southern Africa. 

The SBAB has ample courses in Afrikaans and English, as well as in most of the popular regional languages, are available. These courses are compiled in such a manner that all educational levels of specific groups or institutions can be catered for.

The SBAB’s training programmes are aimed at the advancement and application of relevant management principles and operational aspects concerning the SMME in all its facets. Special attention is given to practical aspects and, as far as possible, concepts and principles are illustrated with the aid of relevant case studies. The training programmes are directed at small business owners/managers and personnel, as well as small business consultants, mentors, and trainers. Most training courses are followed up by after-care services (mentoring) at the relevant businesses, financial institutions, business advice centres or provincial development agencies.

Development training

These courses encourage the development of business and management skills and also increase the awareness of an entrepreneurial culture in the communities where they are presented. Various course options are available, which are adapted to address the specific training needs of a group or community. These courses are almost without exception followed up by after-care and mentoring services to ensure that those skills are acquired and recommendations are implemented in these businesses.  In view of the tremendous need amongst previously disadvantaged business people, these services are entirely aimed at the so-called target groups, namely previously disadvantaged people, women, rural areas, the youth and the disabled. 

Advanced training

Most of the courses are “block release”-training courses in that students attend a compulsory study school or study schools (blocks), mainly at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. These courses are supported by a sufficient amount of self-study, assignments and decentralised examinations.
The majority of the advanced training programmes focus on the development and training of small business consultants and mentors. During the presentation of these programmes the SBAB consultants/trainers share their knowledge and experience in advising SMMEs with the participants.
All the courses presented in the advanced training section have already been approved and accredited by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences of the North-West University.