About us


The Centre Applied Risk Management (UARM) was established in June 2012 at the Vanderbijlpark Campus of the North-West University, with the aim of doing postgraduate training and research on risk management as an applied discipline. The applied approach includes qualitative risk education and training at masters and PhD levels and risk-specific collaborative research projects, with a specific focus on behavioural risk management and the understanding of risk.  The two-year master’s degree is a taught programme with main aim to satisfy the need of full-time employees across the public and private sectors. The Centre’s qualitative approach to risk management was intended to fill the gap created by the dominance of quantitative risk management on the tertiary level.  The Centre’s foundation years from 2012 to 2013 were spent designing the curriculum, staffing the Centre and preparing for the first student enrolments in 2014, who graduated in 2016.


To become locally and internationally recognised for our excellence in applied behavioural risk research and post-graduate education.


To empower senior risk stakeholders in the private and public sectors to better understand and manage behavioural risk.