Entrepreneurship represents the heartbeat of the bhive EDC and as such it provides young entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and business support to harness their skill and build their own support network.  The annual Leopards Lair Business Competition offers students, from the three campuses of NWU and VUT, to become future employers and henceforth job creators by embracing the value of entrepreneurship as a career choice.


  • The competition runs over a period of two semesters to allow participants sufficient time to work on their business pitch whilst benefitting from several workshops aimed at strengthening both the academic and practical understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • One of the on-Campus partners closely involved with the Leopards Lair Business Competition is the student affiliated body, Young Entrepreneur Business Organisation – or YEBO as it is better known.
  • The competition will be decided over several rounds during which the participants have the opportunity to view their scorecards in order for them to monitor their performance. The final round will see the top five entrepreneurs competing for a place on the winners’ podium.
Do you really want to enter, but need some guidance/help with generating business ideas? Follow this link: https://nwu.padlet.org/ClariseMostert/o9e6p5tuhmv0 and watch a short video where some idea generation techniques are explained to get your thinking process going!

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Applications close 5 August 2019

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