Events 2013

2013 events


29 November 2013: UNCTAD Video conference

The TRADE team had a video conference with UNCTAD's Virtual Institute regarding the World Investment Report 2013.  This report focused on global and regional investment trends, recent policy developments and Global Value Chains and their role in economic development.

UNCTAD-TRADE video conference

14 November 2013: Agbiz Trade Competitiveness mini-conference

Mr Ernst Idsardi gave a presentation titled: ‘South Africa: Adaptation from the recent World Economic Forum report’ at the DAFF/Agbiz Trade Competitiveness mini-conference.  The conference focused on how: to build strategies to encourage investment through agricultural trade development; to benchmark policy and strategy development; to link business strategies to government strategies; to improve on evidence-based policy and strategy formulation (specifically for trade and agriculture, forestry and fisheries); and to market South Africa’s trade position into a new world.


April 2013: UNCTAD STATA course

Mr Cristian Urgarte of UNCTAD’s Virtual Institute presented a STATA course for TRADE participants at the NWU in Potchefstroom. The focus was on how to use STATA to estimate gravity models.


28 February 2013: Maastricht seminar on export promotion

Proff Wilma Viviers and Ludo Cuyvers participated in a book launch and seminar on export promotion at the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. The book can be ordered here.