2017 Events



2017 events

7-13 December 2017: TRADE at WTO Chairs Conference and WTO Ministerial Conference

Prof Wilma Viviers, Dr Adelia Janse van Rensburg and Ms Ali Parry attended the annual WTO Chairs Conference and the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires. Report back on the 2017 WTO Chairs Conference.

7 November 2017: Visit from the WTO to recruit PhD students and staff

On 7 November, Dr Mustaqeem De Gama (Counsellor: SA Pemanent Mission to the WTO) and a delegation from the World Trade Organisation (WTO), visited TRADE in order to:

i) raise awareness of the World Trade Organization as an employer of choice;

ii) shed light on the various ways to join the WTO (e.g. intern, young professional, fixed-term staff) and provide information on the typical jobs at the WTO; and

iii) explain the recruitment process for those interested, in detail.

Students and staff from all three of the North-West University campuses (Potchefstroom, Vaal and Mahikeng) attended the highly informative event. 

18 & 20 October 2017: Master's and PhD degrees awarded

Many congratulations to Ms Michelle Groenewald (MCom Economics) and Dr Carli Bezuidenhout (PhD Economics) who recently received their respective degrees from the North West University.

Michelle received an MCom in Economics with the topic of her dissertation being: 'A cross-country analysis of the relationship between racial and ethnic tolerance and economic freedom'. She was guided by Dr Carike Claassen and Prof Derick Blaauw.

Carli received a PhD in Economics with the topic of her thesis being: 'Essays in export behaviour at the firm level'. Her promoters were Prof Marianne Matthee and Prof Neil Rankin (Stellenbosch University).

11-13 October 2017: Prof Derick Blaauw expands day labour research to Namibia

From 11 to 13 October 2017, Prof Derick Blaauw and Prof Rinie Schenck (from University of the Western Cape) were in Namibia where they had the opportunity to expand their ongoing research regarding day labourers into that country. The research visit was made possible through a Research and Development Grant (RDG) from the North-West University. Prof Blaauw and Prof Schenck formed a new research team for the Namibia project, with Mrs Rachel Freeman of the Department of Social Work at the University of Namibia as the local research partner. Mrs Freeman had liaised with possible fieldworkers and put together a final team of fieldworkers (all drawn from the Department of Social Work) for the project.

Fieldworker training took place on 11 October, with all fieldworkers having been carefully selected to accommodate all the languages expected to be encountered on the streets of Windhoek. The training was followed by two days of early mornings (6 a.m. starts) and long hours in the hot Namibian sun on the streets interviewing day labourers who try to make a living from informal employment. Hiring sites that were identified in an earlier reconnaissance were visited and willing day labourers were interviewed. The fieldwork went well and more than 80 interviews were conducted. Afterwards, there was a debriefing with some time spent reflecting on the shared experiences.

The data will now be cleaned and prepared for capturing. A preliminary perusal of the questionnaires has already revealed some important differences between the day labour market in Windhoek and South Africa - in particular, the existence of a higher skills wage premium which will be further investigated. The objective now is to publish at least three to four joint research articles in peer-reviewed journals and to prepare a number of conference papers from the data. 

12 October 2017: TRADE presentation at UJ Department of Economics' seminar series

On 12 October, Prof Wilma Viviers and Mr Martin Cameron visited the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to deliver a presentation as part of the Department of Economics and Econometrics' Thursday Seminar Series. The topic of their presentation was 'TRADE-DSM ® (Decision Support Model) for the identification of export opportunities for South Africa'. 

The presentation was attended by staff from UJ's Department of Economics and Econometrics and was of particular interest to those working in the field of international trade.

In the photo (from left to right): Mr Martin Cameron (Director of Trade Advisory (Pty) Ltd), Dr Talita Greyling (UJ Department of Economics and Econometrics) and Prof Wilma Viviers (Director of the TRADE research focus area). 

9 October 2017: Guest lecture by Mr Michael Adams (SARB) 

On 9 October, Mr Michael Adams, lead economist at the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), visited the North-West University to deliver a guest lecture at TRADE. The topic of his presentation was 'Analysis and research of the economy by the SA Reserve Bank'. 

The presentation was attended by staff and students from TRADE and the School of Economics. 

28 September & 16-20 October 2017: Sharing knowledge and gaining cultural understanding

Prof Henri Bezuidenhout has had a very busy and productive time travelling around the world in the last few weeks. On 28 September, he presented a paper at the Interdisciplinary Business Reseach SIBR conference in Hong Kong titled, 'Emerging markets global players: A comparison between the OFDI multinationals of Brazil, China and South Africa'. After the conference, Prof Bezuidenhout travelled to China and Korea to enrich his understanding of the cultural differences between South Africa and these two major trading partners.

Then, from 16-20 October, Prof Bezuidenhout also attended an advanced training course titled, 'Leading across borders and cultures' at INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau, France. The course was led by Erin Meyer, currently the world's foremost researcher in the fields of Cross-Cultural Management, Intercultural Negotiations and Multi-Cultural Leadership. Prof Bezuidenhout also became part of a focus group which hopes to research cultural differences in Africa with a view to enhancing business ties across the continent.

26-28 September 2017: TRADE at the WTO Public Forum

Prof Wilma Viviers, Prof Marianne Matthee, Prof Sonja Grater and Ms Carli Bezuidenhout recently attended the 2017 WTO Public Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. 

On 27 September, Prof Viviers was the moderator for a working session on the topic, 'Driving inclusive growth and enhancing intra-African trade through services sector development'. Presentations were given by Ms Deborah Vorhies, Dr Judith Fessehaie and Dr Sherry Stephenson (all from the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, or ICTSD) as well as Ambassador Moshe Kao (formerly of the Lesotho Mission in Geneva) and Prof Sonja Grater from TRADE.  

Later in the afternoon, Ms Carli Bezuidenhout and Prof Marianne Matthee participated in a working session on the topic, 'Trade behind the headlines: Case studies from WTO Chairs'. They presented a joint paper titled 'Inclusive growth and wage inequality: The case of South African manufacturing exporters'.

The WTO produced a series of informative videos from the 2017 Forum as well as audio recordings of individual working sessions which are available to listen to on the WTO website

September 2017: Prof Waldo Krugell elected to serve as next ESSA president

Prof Waldo Krugell was elected to serve as the next president Economic Society of South Africa (ESSA) at the Biennial Conference of the ESSA held at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. Prof Waldo Krugell is the first NWU academic to be elected president. Congratulations Waldo! 

20-21 September 2017: Academic article writing workshop

Ms Ali Parry (director of Trade Matters (Pty) Ltd and an extraordinary research scientist in the TRADE research entity) was the facilitator at a two-day workshop in September focusing on how to write academic articles in ways that will improve publication success rates. Attended by researchers from the Potchefstroom and Mahikeng campuses, the workshop was very hands-on, with participants engaging in a number of practical exercises on how to write strong ‘beginnings and endings’, write concisely and apply the ‘golden thread’ technique. Some of the discussion was directed at the differences (in terms of writing approach) between academic articles and other written pieces, including opinion pieces and policy briefs. The participants agreed that periodic get-togethers to exchange ideas about research topics and information sources would be very beneficial, particularly among the three NWU campuses.

18 September 2017: Guest lecture by Dr Montie Mlachila

On 18 September 2017, Dr Montie Mlachila visited the North-West University to give a guest lecture on the topic: 'The role of the IMF's growth accelerations and decelerations in SSA economies'. Dr Mlachila is the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) senior representative to South Africa.

4 September 2017: Guest lecture by Dr Leon Louw

On 4 September 2017, Dr Leon Louw visited the North-West University to give a guest lecture on the topic: 'Options for South Africa's economic future and the merits of the free market'. Dr Louw is the executive director of the Free Market Foundation (FMF), an advocate for free market economic policies and libertarian political philosophy. During his guest lecture, Dr Louw explained how his own economic and political convictions had moved from communism to libertarianism, and he challenged students to think carefully about which economic systems truly help to advance the position of poor people in society.

30 August-1 September 2017: TRADE staff and students attend ESSA Biennial conference

From 30 August to 1 September 2017, TRADE staff and postgraduate students attended the Biennial Conference of the Economic Society of South Africa (ESSA) at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. They had a great time networking with academics from other institutions and catching up on the latest research in various disciplines, while also sharing their own research findings. In total, 11 different papers were presented by TRADE staff and students.

22-23 August 2017: SETHI explosions

The North-West University's annual Science, Engineering, Technology, Health and Innovation (SETHI) research showcase and networking event took place on 22 and 23 August 2017. This year, the TRADE-DSM™ was also be showcased as part of SETHI. The inclusion of the TRADE-DSM™ underscores the science-based nature of the quantitative and fact-based research that takes place at the TRADE research focus area. The TRADE-DSM™ was designed to assist countries and companies in identifying realistic export opportunities - watch this video for a short summary of the TRADE-DSM™.

24 July 2017: Guest lecture by Prof Sid Suntrayuth

Prof Sid Suntrayuth from the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in Bangkok, visited the North-West University to give a guest lecture on the topic: 'Thailand and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): Future opportunities and challenges'. The guest lecture was organised in collaboration with the School of Economics, the NWU School of Business and Governance, Workwell and TRADE. 

20 July 2017: TRADE colloquium

The third TRADE colloquium took place from 10:00-12:00 on 20 July in E3-138. The colloquium provided an opportunity for Master's and PhD students to present their research proposals and draft articles, and obtain feedback. Two PhD students (Gabriel Mhonyera and Emmanuel Orkoh) and one MCom student (Nicole van der Merwe) presented their work at the colloquium. More details can be found here. 

12 July 2017: Aid for digital trade: needs and responses

Prof Wilma Viviers was one of the guest speakers at a workshop, jointly organised by the ICTSD and the permanent mission of Kenya, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 13 July. The theme of the workshop was 'Aid for digital trade: needs and responses' and Prof Viviers presented a paper on the topic: 'E-commerce and the digital economy: challenges and needs in Southern Africa.' More information can be found here.

2-7 July 2017: Farm management in the 21st Century

Drs David Spies, Ernst Idsardi and Johnny van der Merwe attended the 21st Conference of the International Farm Management Association (IFMA) in Edinburgh, Scotland from 2-7 July. They presented a joint paper at the conference, titled: 'Performance and marketing options for informal cattle producers in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa'.

29 June-1 July 2017: Gender inequalities in a multipolar world

Dr Carike Claassen attended the International Association for Feminist Economics's 26th annual conference at Sungshin University in Soeul, Korea from 29 June to 1 July. At the conference, Dr Claassen presented a paper titled: 'Occupational segregation in post-Apartheid South Africa'. In her paper she showed how gender segregation in the South African labour market differs significantly between different racial groups. 

June 2017: Teaching marketing and cultural intelligence in Thailand 

Prof Henri Bezuidenhout visited the International College of National Institute of Development Administration (ICO NIDA) to teach a short course as part of their International Business Master's degree programme. Prof Bezuidenhout lectured on international marketing and cultural intelligence practices. 

26-27 June 2017: Qualitative research methodology course

Prof Brigitte Smit, a research professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Management at the University of South Africa (UNISA), visited the North-West University on 26 and 27 June to present a qualitative research methodology course to staff and students. The course focused on research design and methodology (26 June) as well as using ATLAS.ti 8 for qualitative data analysis (27 June). More details regarding the course can be found here

18-21 June: TRADE PhD student at IFAMA Conference

Dr Andries Radley, a PhD student at TRADE, presented a paper at the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association Conference which was held in Miami Florida from 18-21 June. His paper was titled: 'Strategies Implemented by South African Agribusinesses to Optimize Profitability and Growth' and written in collaboration with his promoters, Prof Flippie Cloete (now at UFS) and Prof Ewert Kleynhans. In the photo: Dr Andries Radley (left) and Dr John Purchase (CEO, Agbiz).

13-14 June 2017: TRADE team members attend TIPS forum on Industrialisation and Sustainable Growth

Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) in partnership with the South African Research Chair in Industrial Development, based at the University of Johannesburg, and in association with the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), hosted its its 2017 Annual Forum in Pretoria from 13 to14 June, 2017. The topic of the forum was Industrialisation and Sustainable Growth, and it was attended by Mr Martin Cameron from TRADE Research Advisory (Pty) Ltd. and Prof Wilma Viviers from TRADE.

Mr Martin Cameron, on behalf of Prof Wilma Viviers and Dr Lolette Kritzinger-Van Niekerk, presented a paper titled: ‘The need for coordinated renewable energy, trade and industrial policy - avoiding unintended socio-economic consequences.’ 

13-14 June 2017: Prof Sonja Grater participates in ICTSD workshops

Prof Sonja Grater was invited to take part in two workshops organised by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in Divone-les-Bains in France on 13 and 14 June 2017. The aim of the first workshop was to form a Gender Advisory Group which will be responsible for assessing the work currently being one by the ICTSD on trade and gender equality, and planning ways to take research projects on this topic forward. The Advisory Group will revisit the progress that has been made in September 2017. The second workshop was broader in scope, focusing on the role of private sustainability standards in global value chains and the impact these have on the realisation of sustainable development and growth. The workshop attendees will also be working together on possible related research topics.

31 May-3 June 2017: TRADE team members in Poland and Sweden 

During the first week of June, Dr Anmar Pretorius and Prof Derick Blaauw attended the International Trade and Finance Association's 27th International Conference at the Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poznan, Poland. The topic of the conference was: 'Leading Issues in International Trade and Finance'. Delegates from afar as New Zealand, China, India and the United States converged in the beautiful city of Poznan. Both colleagues delivered papers at the conference. Anmar and Derick delivered a joint paper, titled: 'The Impact of Trade on Stock Market Integration of Emerging Markets'. Dr Pretorius also presented a paper, titled: 'Exports and Exchange Rate Risk: Analyzing Emerging Market Sectoral Exports', co-authored with Heinrich Nel.

Thereafter, they travelled to the Jönköping International Business School in Sweden, where they discussed possible research synergies in the field of renewable energy projects for both Sweden and South Africa. After five days of brainstorming and work sessions, a possible project, working title and timeline for joint research was identified. 

1 June 2017: TRADE-WTO awards function 

Three separate WTO-sponsored awards as well as one TRADE award were presented at the TRADE-WTO awards function held at the NWU on 1 June 2017. The WTO awards were for the best Master's degree dissertation in International Trade, the best article on a WTO-related topic and the most promising Honours student in International Trade. The TRADE award was for the best article in the TRADE research entity. These awards aim to recognise and encourage excellent scholarship and research on WTO-related themes.

Mr Mario Bondesio received the award for the best Master's degree dissertation in International Trade in 2016, titled: 'Determining the market accessibility of South African exports'.

Prof Marianne Matthee, Ms Tasha Naughtin, Mr Thomas Farole and Prof Neil Rankin received the award for the best research paper on a WTO-relate topic in 2016, titled: 'South Africa exporters and the global crisis: intensive margin shock, extensive margin hangover'.

Ms Leoné du Toit Snyman received the award for the most promising Honours student in International Trade in 2017 following some excellent academic results during the first semester of the year.

Dr Johnny van der Merwe, Prof Flippie Cloete and Dr Marinka van der Hoeven received the award for the best article in the TRADE research entity, titled: 'Promoting food security through indigenous and traditional food crops'. 

30 May-1 June 2017: WTO workshop on GVCs and Trade in Value Added 

The TRADE research entity was privileged to host a WTO Workshop on Global Value Chains (GVCs) and Trade in Value Added (TiVA) as part for their WTO Chair's programme to researchers, policymakers and PhD students from 30 May to 1 June 2017. The two presenters of the workshop for the first two days, were Mr Christophe Degain, Senior Statistician and Dr Victor Kummritz, Research Economist. Both presenters work in the Economic Research and Statistics Division of the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first day of the workshop was aimed at explaining the context of global trade, and the development of global and regional value chains in recent years. Focus was given to the different measurements of trade in value added and value chains. The presenters gave an in-depth explanation of the different data sources, and specifically gave live demos of the OECD-WTO TiVA database and its uses. 

The second day of the workshop gave more focus to the theory and economic principles that underpin GVCs. The discussion also incorporated the policy perspective and how to incorporate value chains into trade and investment policies. South Africa's TiVA country profile was also discussed. More detailed focus was also given to the role of services in GVCs, and the WTO's online I-TIP Services tool was explained. 

The third day of the workshop consisted of a guest lecture by Ms Elizabeth van Renen, Chief Director: Trade Policy and Research  at the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa. Her focus was on the role of GVCs and context of developmental integration in South Africa as well as the SADC region. Her presentation provided an insightful explanation of the current developments in the region, as well as potential for further development. The final presentation was by Mr Martin Cameron on the TRADE-DSM methodology and the TRADE-DSM Navigator and its use for export promotion purposes and specifically to identify realistic export opportunities.

26 May 2017: North-West University awards honorary doctorate to world renowned economist 

Prof Ludo Cuyvers, an acclaimed international trade economist and leading authority on the role of export promotion in building a competitive and sustainable export sector, was awarded an honorary doctorate in international trade from the North-West University (NWU) on 26 May 2017. Prof Cuyvers’ association with the NWU, and the TRADE research entity, started in early 2000 in a ground-breaking project to adapt an export market selection tool, the Decision Support Model (DSM), which was first implemented in Cuyvers’ home country, Belgium, to South Africa’s specific circumstances. It is a practical and scientifically based tool used by national and provincial governments and private institutions (both in South Africa and other parts of the world) to pinpoint realistic export opportunities from the virtual mountains of information available on different product categories and markets. More information can be found here.

18 May 2017: TRADE colloquium

The second TRADE colloquium took place from 14:00-16:00 on 18 May in E3-138. The colloquium provided an opportunity for Master's and PhD students to present their research proposals and draft articles, and obtain feedback.

8 May 2017: National Planning Commission roundtable discussion

On 8 May, Prof Derick Blaauw, along with a number of government, educational and other non-governmental role-players, was invited to attend a roundtable discussion on the Social Protection Floor and Cost of Living. The discussion was hosted and organised by the National Planning Commission, and was part of a series of research engagements focused on eradicating poverty in South Africa by 2030. The revised white paper on social welfare as well as a draft paper, 'Analysing the impact of state services on the cost of living for the poor', formed the basis of the discussions which focused on the quality of life for the poor in South Africa in the context of promoting implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP). 

Important issues were highlighted, particulary the effectiveness and reach of services and social grants given the slow pace of transformation in the South African economy. Despite much effort made since 1997, South African society is still a long way from being just and equitable to all, and this is especially reflected in our urban centres. Future research needs to go beyond generalities to the detail of when, why and how people become poor and vulnerable. It also became clear during the discussions that administrative justice issues were just as significant as legislative justice, and that bureaucrats often do not realise what the short and long term impacts of their decisions will be. A number of state services, such as Health, Energy and Education, also do not give people the help they need to escape from poverty. There is a need for Government and implementing agencies to buy into the human rights culture.

To conclude, a number of research ideas were identified for future work; food systems, urban planning and densification, asset collection to escape poverty and improving agency, water issues in the Eastern Cape, practical ideas for school improvements and acces to centres of excellence. For more information, contact Prof Derick Blaauw

8 May 2017: Guest lecture by Dr Gustav Brink 

On 8 May, Dr Gustav Brink, an expert on WTO dispute resolution from XA Consultants, delivered a guest lecture as part of the ECON 616 International Trade Theory and Policy course. In his lecture he focused on trade remedies and the dispute settlement process at the WTO. The presentation slides are available here 

4-5 May 2017: Training in services for the dti

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) of South Africa has commissioned the TRADE research entity to assist the dti with the design of a strategic framework and action plan for the export development and promotion of South Africa’s service sectors. Part of the project entails capacity building and training to relevant dti personnel. As part of this project TRADE hosted a training workshop for a number of officials from the dti on the 4th and 5th of May 2017 at the Potchefstroom Campus.

The training was provided by Prof Sonja Grater, Dr Adelia Janse van Rensburg and Mr Martin Cameron (TRADE Advisory Pty Ltd). The training session focused on the role of trade in services in the export promotion environment. The first day of training entailed basic terms and concepts of trade in services, the role of service trade in global value chains, trade barriers to services trade, as well as the promotion of services with examples from selected countries. The second day was focused on practical training and how the  TRADE-DSM approach and the TRADE-DSM™ Navigator tool can assist in export promotion efforts for both goods and services.

25-26 April 2017: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) workshop

The first-of-its-kind workshop on Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in South Africa was held by TRADE on 25 to 26 April. The workshop was organised in order to further the understanding of the role of cross-cultural competency in international trade. Prof Henri Bezuidenhout, the only comprehensively certified person in the country, facilitated the workshop. The workshop addressed how cultural aspects influence the entire spectrum of trade from international marketing to international logistics and even trade negotiations. CQ has been deemed the number one indicator for success on the global business stage. It is not those who are well travelled and experts on protocol who are successful in the global space, it is those who are capable of functioning effortlessly between cultural contexts. Harvard Business School and Oxford SAIID have already implemented CQ in their programmes. Aspects of how to handle the transformation process in a culturally intelligent way were also discussed as a possible application of CQ.

20-21 April 2017: Academic writing skills development course

The academic writing skills development course offers assistance in many aspects of academic writing to the new Master's and PhD students at TRADE. The concluding part of the course was held on 20 & 21 April and conducted by members of the NWU Centre for Academic and Professional Language Practice (CAPLP).

19-20 April 2017: Guest lecture by Dr Richard Cookson

On 19 April, Dr Richard Cookson gave a guest lecture to the third year International Trade students on “Geographic Economic Windows”. He gave various examples of countries that are representatives of “economic windows”, with a focus on Hong Kong and South Africa. He discussed the history of these countries and the success factors that made them “economic windows” in the first place and how to remain a successful “window”.

Then, on 20 April, Dr Richard Cookson also gave a guest lecture to Honours students focusing on export competencies. The export process is complicated and there is a need to understand these complexities before embarking on the development of international marketing strategies. Dr Cookson emphasised the importance of understanding cultural and value differences when doing business abroad and his use of practical examples and case studies showcased his vast industry experience and gave students valuable insights which they can now apply in the development of their own export marketing plans. 

1-8 April 2017: TRADE joins SAIIA for a project on plurilaterals

Two researchers from the TRADE research focus area, Ms. Ali Parry (Extraordinary Research Scientist) and Dr. Adelia Jansen Van Rensburg (Postdoctoral Fellow) traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 1-8 April 2017 to work on a research project on "Developing Country Participation in Plurilateral Trade Agreements". The project is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) in the United Kingdom. DFID is a government department responsible for administering overseas aid and the goal of the department is "to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty". Profs Wilma Viviers and Sonja Grater are also part of the team working on this research project.

April 2017: Dr Anmar Pretorius receives the top prize! 

At a recent award ceremony of the University of Johannesburg, Dr Anmar Pretorius received the prize for the best PhD thesis in the University of Johannesburg's Department of Economics and Econometrics. Dr Pretorius received her PhD degree from the University of Johannesburg on the topic 'An empirical analysis of South Africa's financial market integration with the world' in April 2016. 

22-24 March 2017: TRADE engages with the ICTSD on trade and economic growth

On 22 and 23 March, four members of TRADE (Profs Wilma Viviers and Sonja Grater, Dr Marie-Luce Kuhn and Ms Ali Parry) attended and presented three papers at the ITCSD (International Trade Centre for Sustainable Trade and Development) conference held in Stellenbosch. The topic of the conference was: 'Leveraging services and digital potential for inclusive economic growth'. 
Then, on 24 March, they also participated in a joint roundtable meeting, organised by the ICTSD and Tralac, which was convened on the topic of: 'Setting South Africa’s trade policy priorities for the global digital economy
'. More detalis will follow shortly.  

23 March 2017: Guest lecture by Mr Edward Winant

On 23 March, Mr Edward Winant, Trade and Investment Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria, visited the NWU to give a guest lecture to staff and students. Mr Winant's lecture focused on the future of SA-US trade and investment relations, with specific reference to AGOA which is set to expire in 2025. He also considered what trade and investment between South Africa and the USA might look like post-AGOA (from a US perspective). 


16 March 2017: PretoriaFM radio interview

On Thursday 16 March, Prof Wilma Viviers was interviewed by PretoriaFM regarding her work in international trade and on the TRADE-DSM Navigator™ (Afrikaans only). More information can be found here.


28 February 2017: From Trade Rules to Trade Deals: Whither US Trade Policy in the Trump Administration?

Organised in collaboration with BUSAAgbizTutwa Consulting and the JCCI, TRADE hosted a thought-provoking debate on the likely trajectory of US trade policy in the months ahead and how South Africans should respond. For more information, consider the press release: US trade policy in the Trump era: What's in store for South Africa and the world? or visit Tutwa Consulting.

23 February 2017: Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech competition

Ms Mosima Ngwenya, a Master’s student in the School of Economics, represented the NWU at the annual Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech competition in Cape Town on Thursday 23 February. She was one of 10 postgraduate finalists in an essay writing competition amongst all the tertiary institutions in South Africa. Postgraduate entrants were asked to unpack the viability of the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) programme given SA’s current fiscal constraints, and suggest an appropriate funding model for the NHI. The finalists then took part in a budget simulation exercise, were interviewed by a panel of top private sector economists, paid a visit to parliament on budget speech day and were interviewed by national media. Click on this link (http://www.enca.com/…/budget2017-finalists-tackle-the-budget) for a eNCA clip in which Mosima played a central role.

16-17 February 2017: Academic writing skills development course

The academic writing skills development course offers assistance in many aspects of academic writing to new Master's and PhD students. The course is run by members of the NWU Centre for Academic and Professional Language Practice (CAPLP) team and took place on 16 and 17 February 2017.

2 February 2017: TRADE mini-colloquium

The first opportunity for new Master's and PhD students to present their research ideas for review and feedback by TRADE team members at the TRADE mini-colloquium. 

25-26 January 2017: Leveraging services and digital potential for inclusive economic growth

The development of well-functioning and efficient services sectors is crucial to achieving structural transformation and sustainable and inclusive growth in LDCs and LICs. On 25 and 26 January 2017, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in association with Trade Mark East Africa, hosted a workshop on 'Leveraging services and digital potential for inclusive economic growth'. Prof Sonja Grater from TRADE was one of the speakers who attended the workshop where she gave a presentation titled 'Services, inclusiveness, SMEs and the SDGs'. More information can be found here.

25 January 2017: TRADE staff attend a Gallup Strengths training workshop

On Wednesday 25 January, staff from TRADE and the School of Economics attended a Gallup Strengths workshop led by Prof Henri Bezuidenhout (a certified Gallup Strengths coach). This workshop provided an opportunity for staff to learn more about each other's different strengths and talents and how they can be developed for better teamwork and communication within TRADE as well as personal career success. Most of our staff had 'learner' and 'relator' as their top strength and there are plans to host a similar staff training workshop in April focusing on cultural intelligence.


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