Staff - Information Systems

  Prof Koga Gorejena

  Associate Professor & Programme Leader
  018 389 2875
  Building A2, H Block Office G16 , Mahikeng
  PhD in Information Systems
  IT Security, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Networks and Cryptography

  Mrs Chipo Mavetera

  018 389 2382
  Building A2, H Block Office G178, Mahikeng
  MSc Computer Science
  Software Engineering, Networks and Programming

  Prof Ignitia Motjolopane

  Associate Professor
  Building A3, Room A142, Mahikeng
  PhD in Information Systems

  Prof Joshua Ebere Chukwuere

  018 389 2831
  G172/G08, Block H, Base Building, Mahikeng
  BCom in Information Systems, Bcom (Honors) in Information Systems, PGCE in Education, Masters in Computer science and Information Systems and PhD in Information Systems
  Culture-oriented technology and system, E-learning, E-health, E-banking and social media, Internet of Things (IoT).

  Mr Lawrence Mosala

  018 389 2914
  Building A3, Room 110, Mahikeng
  Mcom in Computer Science and Information Systems

  Ms Lesego Ditibane

  018 389 2604
  Building A3, Room 107, Mahikeng
  MSc Computer Science, BCom Honours in Information Systems, BCom Information Systems
  Project Management, web-based application systems, programming in Java, databases and IT management

  Ms Maipelo Leepile

  018 389 2819
  Building A2D, Room A150, Mahikeng
  Mcom Computer Science and Information Systems

  Mrs Moleboge Nhlapo

  018 389 2212
  Building A3, Room A135, Mahikeng
  MSc (Computer Science)
  Information systems development, social issues, management and research

  Dr Olebogeng Nojila

  018 389 2014‬
  Building A3, Room A130, Mahikeng
  Mcom Computer Science and Information Systems

  Mr Thabang Maruping

  018 389 9029
  Building A3, Room 127, Mahikeng
  Mcom in Computer Science and Information Systems

  Mr Tshireletso Moroke

  Principle Technician
  018 285 5013‬
  Building A2D, Room G25A, Mahikeng
  BCom Honors in Information Systems

  Ms Tumelo Nthutang

  018 389 2822
  Building A3A, Room 108, Mahikeng
  Mcom In Computer Science and Information Systems, Bcom Hons in information Systems and Bcom in Information Systems
  Information systems