Economics Sciences with Econometrics



Economics and econometrics are truly all around us, and presented in almost every part of our lives. Studying this degree will equip the students with an overall understanding of the world we live in and its inner workings. Students learn everything from what determines the price of goods and services, to why the average living standards vary so widely among nations. The degree in economics and econometrics makes it really easy to see how the theory has real-life applications, particularly when considering the recent changes of world markets. The use of statistical methods on economic data in order to establish relationships is itself a manifest of econometrics.

Typical tasks include:

  • Study organisational statistical information and economics

  • Gather, evaluate and relay data to predict market trends

  • Suggest and consult on economic connections for public or private corporations

  • Create guidelines to illustrate market

  • Predict trends and establish economic policy

Core Subjects

  • Mathematical Economics

  • Macro- and Micro-economics

  • Econometrics

  • Monetary Economics

  • Public Economics

  • Development Economics

Degree options 

BCom Economics and Econometrics

Degree Duration: 3 years

Offered at:

  • Mahikeng [M]

BCom Economics and Econometrics - Extended programme

Degree Duration: 3 years

Offered at:

  • Mahikeng [M]

Admission requirements

BCom Economics and Econometrics

  •  APS: 26
  • Mathematics: Level 3 (40%)
  • English: Level 4 (50%)

BCom Economics and Econometrics - Extended programme

  • APS: 20
  • Mathematics: Level 3 (40%) or Mathematics Literacy: Level 4 (50%)
  • English: Level 3 (40%)

Career Opportunities

  • Budget analyst

  • Economist

  • Quantitative analyst

  • Econometrician

  • Public policy analyst

Postgraduate Studies

Post-graduate studies in Economic Sciences includes

  • BCom Honours Degree 
  • MCom and
  • PhD


These post-graduate degrees are offered at 

  • Mahikeng [M]
  • Potchefstroom [P]
  • Vanderbijlpark [V]

For information on the  admission requirements please see the yearbook