Information Systems



Information Systems comprises the analysis and organisation of business information through the application of technology. As such, it blends core concepts of management, operations and information systems theory with computer science and engineering methods and technologies to manage an organisation’s data.

Typical tasks include

  • Evaluating information systems (computer) functionality

  • Managing teams, such as systems analysts, programmers, database analysts and support specialists

  • Providing training and support to staff

  • Ensuring existing and new technologies are updated

  • Scheduling and managing system upgrades

  • Managing security and secured network connections

  • Testing and adapting systems to ensure functionality and operation

Core subjects

  • Introduction to Computers and Programming

  • Introduction to Programming

  • Object-oriented Programming

  • Computer Organisation and Architecture

  • Systems Analysis

  • Introduction to Networks

  • Electronic Business

  • Introduction to Databases

  • Systems Design

  • Web Programming

  • Project Management for Information Systems

  • Information System Security

  • Emerging Business Technologies

  • Management of Information Systems

  • Business Intelligence

Degree options 

BCom Information Systems 

Degree Duration: 3 years, full time

Offered at

  • Mahikeng [M]


BCom Information Systems - Extended Programme

Degree Duration: 4 years, full time

Offered at

  • Mahikeng [M]

Admission requirements 

BCom Information Systems 

APS: 24

Mathematics: Level 4 (50%) or Mathematics Literacy: Level 5 (60%)

English:  Level 4(50%)


BCom Information Systems - Extended Programme

APS: 21

Mathematics: Level 3 (40%) or Mathematics Literacy: Level 4 (50%) 

English:  Level 3 (4 0%)


Career opportunities

  • Business Analyst
  • ERP Specialist
  • Web Content Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Database Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Application Developer
  • IS Security Manager
  • E-Business Manager
  • Application Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • IT technical support officer
  •  IS/IT Auditor
  • Systems Analyst 

Postgraduate studies

Post-graduate studies in Information Systems includes:

  • BCom Honours Degree 
  • MCom and
  • PhD


These post-graduate degrees are offered at

  • Mahikeng [M]

For information on the  admission requirements please see the yearbook