Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management


We live in a technology-driven world, but we cannot deny the fact that humans are an integral part of every business. At the heart of every successful business lies the human resources team who drive all aspects of staff management, growth and potential development.

If you have a natural skill to deal with people and identify their strengths or develop their talents, you are on the right track to pursue a career in industrial psychology, human resource management or labour relations.

Fields of study

Human resource management is the management of human resources. It is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. We offer  BCom and BAdmin degrees in this programme.

Human Resource Management

Industrial psychologists focus on the behaviour of employees in the workplace, by applying psychological principles to improve the overall work environment. We offer  BCom, BA and BAdmin degrees in this programme.

Industrial and Organisational Psychology
with Labour Relations Management

This degree focus on the improvement of the expertise and skills levels of training and staff development professionals in the private and public sectors


Human Resource Development