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It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to the second addition of TELIT-TALK digital magazine. With embracing change through the COVID-19 times, the members of TELIT-SA adapted to the new mode of online teaching and our second academic lead TELIT-TALK digital publication offers a combination of videos, stories, infographics, and articles of our members’ experiences. TELIT-SA had a successful AGM where the members discussed the way forward and how we envision the future of the research entity. More than 30 Personal Development Plans were either adapted or created to ensure the future and continuous development of the members.

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Purple Blood: A poem by Kezell Klinck

By:Kezell Klinck


I’m a future shaper

I’m their motivator

Carefully selected by the Creator

Changing them to be greater

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Remote learning - Lecturer experience

Globally, the lockdown measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted countries socially and economically. Besides the economic sector, which has been hit hard, education at all levels have also been hugely impacted.


Social interaction has been restricted… Read more

Teaching from Abroad: Reflection of my Online Teaching Journey

By:Kelebogile Paadi

At the height of the pandemic in 2020 amidst the tight travel restrictions, I found myself in a foreign country and could not return back home to South Africa, which meant continuing with my work where I was, and thanks to technology I was able to conduct my… Read more

Changing Perspectives Towards The Future

By: Dr. Gordon Matthew

Now, more than ever is the time for entrepreneurs to embrace technology and empower themselves with the knowledge required to transform and prepare their small, medium, or micro-enterprises (SMMEs) to the next level of business management. A worldwide… Read more

Our Cirrus Project

Cirrus is a new assessment platform that was incorporated into eFundiand tested during May and June 2021. Two hundred students responded to the questionnaire about their experience in completing an assessment on the Cirrus platform. The pilot test assessments were performed across all… Read more

Our podcasts

What's up with WhatsApp?

Covid-19 has brought on many challenges in terms of teaching in the Higher Education context. However, it has also enabled lecturers to incorporate innovative practices into their teaching and learning to engage with students. This podcast provides an… Read more

Embarking on the OER journey

Dr Clarise Mostert

UNESCO recently indicated that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 70% of students globally could not attend classes. COVID-19 has shown us once again that we live in a rapidly changing world where it is imperative to think outside the box and that we do… Read more

TELIT-SA made their voices heard!

From 23 to 26 June 2020, six members of TELIT-SA attended the Edmedia & Innovate Learning 2020 virtual conference.

Six full papers were accepted for publication in the conference proceedings, and one article was selected for publication in an academic journal. Clarise… Read more

Opening Pandora's box on distance education

Dr. Nelda Mouton

Covid-19 introduced a radical change in how we think and how we work. A new normal came into play and this is changing the way that we are presenting ourselves to our new environment, whether it is in our personal households, with our students or with other… Read more

Q&A with Gordon & Koos

Q: Hello, Gordon and Koos. How are you?

A: We are well thank you! Stuck in a Pandemic, but you probably know that already.


Q: Would it be okay if I ask you a couple of questions?

A: We are cool! Go for it.


Q: What was the title of your… Read more

Exciting digitised journey for the Enterprising Women Programme

Ms. Leonie Greyling

Small business owners are prepared for many things, but the COVID‑19 pandemic is not only leaving us uncertain about how to cope in these strange times but has also resulted in an unprecedented shift in the way that we do business. Entrepreneurs may be wondering how… Read more