PhD (Doctor Philosophiae) programme

With a PhD in Economics, International Trade or Agricultural Economics from the North-West University, you will be highly regarded as a specialist in your field and should be a sought-after candidate for senior positions in various professional fields.

Either one of our three PhD degree options will enable you to embark on cutting edge research which will test and challenge you but also give you the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to your particular discipline. The members of our faculty, which includes NRF-rated researchers, all have impressive academic and research credentials, and are experienced in supervising and nurturing the special interests and talents of PhD students.

Pursuing a PhD at the NWU will involve your aligning your research work with that of the members of the faculty. Therefore, before you decide to embark on a PhD, you should consider the current research being carried out by our staff, as well as their recent research outputs, to determine if there is sufficient synergy with your own research vision.


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PhD programme structure

The PhD programme is entirely research based. You will be expected to carry out the necessary research work and write a comprehensive thesis with a view to making a new contribution to the discipline of economic development or international trade. In line with this approach, you will be expected to do your own empirical data analysis, and work diligently without direct supervision.

Generally, PhDs are completed within a period of three years, with many people being able to do their Doctoral studies while working part-time.

ECON 971: Thesis (Economics) - 360 credits

EKIP 971: Thesis (International Trade) - 360 credits

AECM 971: Thesis (Agricultural Economics) - 360 credits