Reports and policy briefs

TRADE team members are often asked by different organisations to write reports (sometimes in collaboration with other entities) on the current economic climate in the country or region, as well as export and investment opportunities for different industry sectors, with a view to informing policy and strategic business decisions. Among the reports and policy briefs that have been published are:

September 2018: Disentangling the exchange rate risk, sectoral export flows and financial development nexus (Economic Research Southern Africa)

October 2017: Plurilateral trade agreements and the impact on LDCs – to participate or not to participate? (UK Government Department for International Development)

October 2017: Using a decision support model to identify export opportunities for Rwanda (International Growth Centre)

June 2017: The impact of basic and social infrastructure investment on economic growth and social development in South Africa's urban and rural municipalities (Economic Research Southern Africa)

April 2017: The competitive status of the South African wheat industry (Economic Research Southern Africa)

March 2017: An original ranking of South Africa's Global Players for 2013-2015 (Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment & NWU)

January 2017: Labour demand and the distribution of wages in South African manufacturing exporters (United Nations University, UNU-WIDER)

April 2016: Sometimes you do not make enough money to buy food: An analysis of South African street waste pickers income (Economic Research Southern Africa)

October 2015: Policy uncertainty: How it affects South Africa's growth and development prospects (WTO Policy Brief Series)

May 2015: South African political economic reality in 2015: A political risk analysis narrative

April 2015: SADC Investment Perspectives in a Changing International Investment Landscape