NEWSLETTER ISSUE #1/2015       

Welcome from Prof Wilma Viviers, Director of TRADE
I am delighted and proud to bring you the first newsletter of TRADE, a research entity at the North-West University in South Africa. Our choice of the name TRADE (which is an acronym for Trade and Development) stems from our long-held belief that international trade and economic development are mutually dependent and, moreover, are among the keys to happier and more productive communities the world over.
In this and subsequent newsletters, we will share with you how, through our research activities, Master’s and PhD programmes, conference participation and advisory services, we keep people informed about the complex dynamics between trade and development, and how such knowledge can reveal new opportunities and sharpen decision making at different levels. We are fortunate to have within our team 29 committed and talented individuals who bring years of experience and unique perspectives to TRADE’s varied work programme. We also derive much benefit from the strong links we have with many trade promotion officials, economists and business leaders throughout the southern African region, as well as trade experts from the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the World Bank, UNCTAD and the International Trade Centre (ITC), among others.
I have always believed that more can be done – and more can be done better – when people collaborate in a purposeful and sincere manner. I hope that our biannual newsletter will help you get to know us better, and alert you to new partnership and business opportunities.
In this, our first newsletter, we present some of the highlights of the past year. Feel free, too, to visit our webpage:
All the best

TRADE Director Wilma Viviers


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