Our BCom Economics and International Trade qualification offers you the opportunity to specialise in the world of imports and exports, with a foundation in Economics.

You will learn:

  • Why countries trade
  • Trade barriers such as tariffs and quotas
  • The WTO, trade blocs and trade policy
  • South Africa’s international trade environment
  • The role-players in an export transaction
  • How the payment and the financing of import- and export transactions work
  • What are INCOTERMS
  • Trade geography and trade data analysis to identify export markets
  • How to conduct business across the globe

The qualification offers specialist knowledge together with an approach closely associated with application. Hard skills include the analysis of trade databases, the estimation of economic models as well as a comprehensive export project in the last semester of your third year.

Admission requirements

  • APS score of 24
  • Mathematics level 4 (50-59%)
  • Don't meet the admission requirements? See extended programme information at the bottom 

Sites of delivery

  • Potchefstroom 
  • Vanderbiljpark

Qualification Options

  • BCom in Economics & International Trade

Please see the yearbook for more information 

Post- graduate studies

  • BCom Honours degree in International Trade
  • A Masters and PhD programmes in International Trade is also offered 

See the Postgraduate page for more information

Career opportunities

  • Economist
  • Economic consultant
  • Import and export
  • Department of Trade and Industry, South-African Reserve Bank, banks, financing companies, export boards and transport companies
  • Export credit insurer
  • Ask us about the International Trade Institute of Southern Africa (ITRISA)


Extended Management Programmes 


The Extended Programme includes an additional year of study which will enhance students’ basic knowledge and skills before progressing onto more specialist studies in the later years of the programmes. Furthermore, students who embark on this programme have much greater opportunity to succeed in their studies, as it provides dedicated support to students who need assistance to bridge the gap between school and higher education.


Admission requirements

  • APS 24
  • Mathematics literacy  level 6 (70%)

Sites of delivery

  • Vanderbijlpark