Agricultural Economics with Risk Management


Agricultural economists aim to maximise profitability in agricultural production for the benefit of society in a sustainable manner. They study and analyse the aspects that influence the profitability of not only agricultural producers, but also the whole of the food value chain as well as service providers such as the financial/banking sector and agribusinesses. The three-year undergraduate course prepares students for the modern-day agricultural environment – from the input suppliers to the farm, all the way to the end consumers. Our degree offers a combination of Agricultural Economics together with Economics and Risk Management.

Typical tasks include:

  • Analyse aspects that influence the profitability of the sector

  • Study macroeconomic factors such as trade, politics, supply and demand, technology as well as socio-economic issues

  • Study the distribution of resources, such as land and other natural resources

  • Study the profitability of businesses and ways to increase income and reduce costs

  • Assess markets and develop risk mitigation strategies

  • Integrate small-scale farmers into the formal sector of the economy

  • Investigate the sustainable use of natural resources and the benefits it can generate in terms of energy generation

  • Manage input structures and different ways of increasing profit by reducing the costs

  • Provide marketing strategies and plans for the sector

Core subjects

  • Record-keeping and Finance

  • Production Economics

  • Agri-business Management

  • Agricultural Marketing

  • Resource and Environmental Management

Degree options

BCom Agricultural Economics with Risk Management ​

Degree Duration: 3 years, full-time

Offered at:

  • Potchefstroom [P]

Admission requirements

BCom Agricultural Economics with Risk Management ​

APS: 26

Mathematics: Level  4 (50%)

English: Level 4 (40%)

Career opportunities

  • Financial economist
  • Market economists
  • Development economists
  • Resource economists
  • Production economist

Postgraduate studies

Post-graduate studies in Economic Sciences includes

  • BCom Honours Degree


These post-graduate degrees are offered at

  • Potchefstroom [P] 

For information on the  admission requirements please see the yearbook